Matthew Wright makes cryptic jibe at Rochelle Humes over Dubai holiday

Matthew Wright seemed to make an awkward dig at Rochelle Humes over her holiday to Dubai during the festive period.

The 55-year-old appeared on This Morning when he lashed out after revealing his family had all contracted coronavirus.

Matthew admitted that he is “trying not to panic” as his two-year-old daughter suffers nasty coronavirus symptoms.

Asked whether he believed that current legislation was working, Matthew fumed: “Not when you’ve got TV presenters going to Dubai!”

Viewers quickly took his comment to be directed towards Rochelle, who shared a photo of her children at a luxury resort in Dubai back in December.

She wrote at the time: “8 cases and 8 hours later we arrived in our happy place @jumeirahzs.”

Fellow guest Julia Hartley-Brewer, who had also been on holiday, defended herself as she said that she went to Antigua before London was plunged into Tier 4 restrictions – which Rochelle also said was the same with her trip.

Earlier, Matthew said that he suspected that his whole family was suffering from Covid-19 and that they were awaiting their test results.

Phil went on to ask how they were all feeling, to which Matthew responded: “The idea that little children don’t suffer the Covid symptoms badly, I can put that to one side. [My wife] Amelia’s had it really tough but Cassidy’s also been coughing through the night – coughing up phlegm, making herself sick from during the night.

“It’s been pretty grim. I’m trying not to panic, trying not to call an ambulance, knowing that hospitals are going to be overcrowded. So we’re just trying to keep a cool head on things and push on through it.”

Fellow guest Julia Hartley-Brewer interjected, saying: “Can I just say, Matthew, that hospitals aren’t so overcrowded that they would turn away a sick child. If you need to go to hospital you should 100% call 111, call 999 and take your child to hospital.”

Matthew added: “It’s about pushing through the unmasked Covid protestors saying ‘It’s a hoax, it’s a hoax!”

“It’s a nonsense, that’s a nonsense,” Julia responded.

Matthew hit back: “It’s not a nonsense, it happened three days ago at St Thomas’.”

Asked whether it was a concern that his children might need an ambulance, Matthew said: “It’s eased off a bit in the last 36 hours, we’ve also had to offset it with the fact that we’ve got a neighbour who was in intensive care on Christmas Day, no underlying health conditions, just over 60. We’ve just heard that he may have his life support turned off today.

“So we have to put our situation in relative to everybody else’s and technically, statistically, we’re going to be ok.”

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