Disgusted Dr Hilary mocks Covid deniers’ ‘ignorant alternative’ to vaccination

Dr Hilary Jones slammed an “alternative” to the Covid-19 vaccination that had been making the rounds on the internet.

The TV doctor appeared on Good Morning Britain today as hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan returned after their Christmas break.

Piers and Dr Hilary both voiced their disgust over hundreds turning up for an anti-lockdown protest outside St Thomas’ Hospital on New Year’s Eve.

A junior doctor had shared a photo of of the crowd, who claimed that they were shouting that “Covid is a hoax”.

Piers said that the footage made him want to “puke”, while Dr Hilary said that the protest had left doctors feeling “worried, exasperated and disgusted”.

“They’re whipping up this hysteria against people who are trying to save lives,” Piers seethed.

Matthew Lee filmed the people outside St Thomas’

Meanwhile, Dr Hilary raged: “They’re totally ignorant – and to give you some idea of their ignorance, there’s tweets going around the last few days saying, ‘Instead of a vaccine, why don’t we get a weakened form of the virus that we can put in our bodies to stimulate antibodies to fight it.’ That is a vaccine!

“So we can thank the anti-vaxers for coming up with the idea of the concept of a vaccine 100 years later!”

Piers added: “Such complete and utter morons!”

Later on in the programme, Piers and Susanna will be interviewing Health Secretary Matt Hancock on the news regarding schools’ staggered reopening and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s prediction that “tens of millions” would be vaccinated by April.

*Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV

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