Marvel’s Moon Knight Show Hires Mohamed Diab To Direct

Egyptian action director Mohamed Diab is confirmed to be directing the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight, based on the Marvel character of the same name. Moon Knight, A.K.A. Marc Spector, is a wealthy vigilante who is given a second shot at life by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu in exchange for becoming his avatar on Earth. Spector takes on multiple different personalities including cab driver Jake Lockley, billionaire Steve Grant, and consultant Mr. Knight.

Oscar Isaac, who played rebel pilot Poe Dameron in the Disney Star Wars sequels, is set to star as the lunar crimefighter. Isaac also had a small part as Spider-Man 2099 at the end of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Playing Moon Knight will mean that Isaac is actually playing two Marvel characters at once in both the Disney’s MCU and the Sony Spider-Man films. Just under a year ago, we learned that The Umbrella Academy‘s Jeremy Slater was confirmed to be head writer on Moon Knight, but the series has now found its director.

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Deadline reports that Diab is the latest to join Moon Knight, marking the director’s first foray into Hollywood. The Egyptian action director made his name back home with the El Gezira (The Island) franchise about thrilling gang wars, which became a pop culture phenomenon. It’s currently unknown if Diab will be directing the whole series or only certain episodes.

We first learned that a Moon Knight show was in the works at Netflix back in 2015. All Marvel productions have since moved to Disney+, including eight yet-to-be-released series. WandaVision will be the first to release by the end of 2020, while Moon Knight is penciled in for a 2022 premiere. While there hasn’t been a lot of news on the series, gaining a director is a big step forward. The series is still a few years out,  but the progress it has made recently indicates that Disney is confident in Moon Knight. 

Enlisting The Umbrella Academy veteran Slater and action veteran Diab sets a precedent for the direction of the series. Moon Knight has been compared repeatedly to DC’s Batman. With a leading man coyly labeled Batman with a dissociative personality disorder, Moon Knight is setting itself up to be the darkest and most dramatic of the upcoming Marvel series. Much like DC’s brooding caped crusader, Isaac’s Moon Knight will likely inhabit a grittier and more threatening world, given his own minimal superpowers.

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