Mandalorian & Alita Director Art Imagines An Amazing Crossover

Stunning new fan art features an epic crossover between The Mandalorian and Alita: Battle Angel. The Mandalorian is one of Disney’s latest Star Wars projects that’s taken the world by storm. Alita: Battle Angel, on the other hand, is a cyberpunk, fast-paced film that centers around the titular character of Alita.

While The Mandalorian introduces viewers to a host of intriguing characters, the show’s breakout star is undeniably the Child, aka Baby Yoda. The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) is initially tasked with capturing Baby Yoda. However, the Mandalorian decides to protect the Child instead, and quickly becomes his adoptive father; as such, the relationship between the Mandalorian and the Child is at the heart of the Disney+ series.

Director Robert Rodriguez has shared some adorable crossover art via Twitter. The image shows Baby Yoda standing beside a young Alita as the two look out into the distance. The picture also has “October 30″ written in white next to Alita and the Child. Further writing on the side reveals that October 30th will be a big day for both Alita: Battle Angel and The Mandalorian. More specifically, the text explains that Alita: Battle Angel will be re-released in theaters while season 2, episode 1 of The Mandalorian is set to premiere on Disney+. Rodriguez is also directing at least one episode of The Mandalorian season 2. You can check out this sweet (and informative!) piece of fan art below:

While Alita: Battle Angel was initially expected to bomb at box offices, it managed to gross $404 million worldwide while receiving generally positive reviews from fans. All in all, it’s clear that the film has a lot of untapped potential, which is likely one reason why Alita: Battle Angel is getting a theatrical re-release. Unfortunately, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may keep some moviegoers from seeing Alita: Battle Angel in person. Still, it’s great to hear that the underrated film is getting a second chance.

Alita: Battle Angel will certainly face stiff viewing competition, especially in the first few days of The Mandalorian’s release on Disney+. Expectations are high for season 2 of the Star Wars series, and fans are excited to see characters such as Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) and Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) join The Mandalorian. However, that’s not to say that fans can’t catch the new episode of The Mandalorian before going to see Alita: Battle Angel. Either way, it’s clear October 30th will be a big day for everyone involved, whether fans want to revisit a post-apocalyptic Earth or journey to a galaxy far, far away.

Source: Robert Rodriguez/Twitter

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