Love Island villa to be ripped apart after girls shown brutal Casa Amor cheating

The Love Island villa is about to be completely ripped apart.

In what could be the most brutal Casa Amor ever, the boys have been having their heads so far they’ve almost fallen off.

And when a postcard revealing what they’d been up to turned up at the main villa, all a stunned Chloe could say was “No f***ing way!”

A preview at the end of last night’s show teased some major drama, with the girls sure to be devastated by what their boys have been doing over in the second villa.

Liberty was already gutted knowing that her boyfriend Jake as the “shortest boy” will have snogged another girl for 10 seconds, but will there be photographic evidence to upset her even more?

He said: “The thing with Love Island, being in there for – I think we’re up to week five now – being in there for that amount of time, it feels like you’ve been with that person for a year.

“It’s a very real environment, the bubble is fully there, so when something happens within that bubble, it effects everything, it’ll effect the vibe in the villa and we might even see some of the people we thought might be getting to the final going home.”

* Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2

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