Love Island forced to edit Liam and Millie date as footage ‘too explicit to air’

Love Island’s Millie Court and Liam Reardon may be getting on like a house on fire in the reality romance show villa – but some content filmed of the two has been deemed too hot to air.

Makers of the smash ITV2 show have been left blushing and forced to edit out explicit scenes over fears the raunchy footage would spark an avalanche of Ofcom complaints.

While the series makers have also upped the duty or care commitments to contestants on the show and are concerned airing scenes of a sexual nature could reflect badly on the up-and-coming stars and leave them open to abuse.

Millie, 24, and 21-year-old Liam won the chance to spend time away from the eyes of their fellow Islanders – but still in full view of cameras – when they spent time together in the hideaway.

Millie Court and Liam Reardon
Love Island’s Millie Court and Liam Reardon have been getting on well inside the villa

The pair experimented with a range of adult toys and costumes – with some scenes featuring in an episode that aired on Tuesday night.

But reports have suggested there was far more footage that was captured that couldn’t be aired due to it being too raunchy.

A source told The Sun on Sunday: “The footage was quite explicit and producers were miffed because they couldn’t air any of it.

Millie Court and Liam Reardon
The couple spent time alone in the hideaway in scenes that aired last week

“It meant that the footage had to be cut cleverly for broadcast and video editors had to get creative.”

The source also said that show makers were “at least” thrilled to see two of the contestants showing genuine interest and attraction to each other – as many Love Island fans have been left feeling the 2021 series has been the “most boring” ever as there is a lack of chemistry between the stars.

Meanwhile, another source told The Sun that they believe contestants are now happily romping with each other in the villa in full view of cameras – knowing the footage won’t be allowed on air.

Millie Court and Liam Reardon
Millie and Liam are a rare pairing to show affection in Love Island 2021

The source – who is unnamed but is said to be a former contestant themselves – said: “They are aware that so many youngsters watch so producers have to be really careful about what they show or they are inundated with Ofcom complaints.

“Most do it under the duvet but some will just go for it in full view — it’s a no-go as far as broadcast is concerned, so why not?”

While further sources in the report say ITV are desperate to avoid “loads of Ofcom complaints” if saucy footage does end up on air.

Meanwhile, family members of Millie and Liam are predicting the pair will go on to marry each other after meeting in the Love Island villa.

Liam’s sister, Niamh, 26, said: “I do think they could work as a couple long-term from what I can see. They seem to get on really, really well. He has only had one girlfriend. His ex was really bubbly and Millie seems bubbly.”

Millie Court and Liam Reardon
Family members have predicted Millie and Liam could go on to marry after starring on the show

While Millie’s 55-year-old mum, Esme, thinks her daughter is falling for Liam, saying: “They seem like they’ve got a great connection. I think as people, they seem like they’re having a right laugh.

“It’s all quite light-hearted. It’s obvious there is a massive connection there – a lot of sexual tension. You can see by the way she looks at him she’s quite smitten.”

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 and via the ITV Hub at 9pm

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