Love Island fans call out Faye’s ‘bad vibes’ as she mocks bombshells’ laughing

Love Island fans were quick to call out Faye Winter for “bad vibes” after she mocked the new girls’ laughing.

New arrivals Lucinda Strafford and Millie Court turned up in the villa on Tuesday’s episode.

The previous girls were out of the villa at a brunch when they received a photo from the boys that included the blonde bombshells which firmly placed the cat amongst the pigeons.

Returning to the villa, Faye told the girls “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, girlies.”

However, that was not all as the outspoken contestant from Devon was vexed by Lucinda and Millie’s giggling when they went on dates with other boys in the vila.

“Well you’re very attractive, very eye-catching,” Liam tells Millie on their date, “you’ve got very nice eyes as well.”

New bombshell Millie Court took out a few boys on dates on Wednesday's Love Island
New bombshell Millie Court took out a few boys on dates on Wednesday’s Love Island

Meanwhile, Liam’s partner Faye was shown in the dressing room speaking with other girls and saying: “Millie might be down there giving her best chat, laughing, giving a little hair flick and [cackles]

“I don’t do that. I’m not that girl. I will not laugh at you to make your d*** feel bigger. Trust me, [cackles] is not going to last very long.”

Naturally, fans were quick to notice the tension on Twitter and shared their thoughts on the social media app.

Faye Winter discusses Millie and Liam's date with Chloe Burrows
Faye Winter discusses Millie and Liam’s date with Chloe Burrows

One person penned: “Not Faye being friendly with them after b****hing throughout the dates #LoveIsland ”.

Another person commented: “in reality what did Lucinda and Milly actually do??? come in and get to know the boys like any bombshell is supposed to? at the end of the day they had to pick someone for their dates so sureeeely this level of bitterness from faye and sharon is unnecessary #LoveIsland “.

Faye mocks Millie as she impersonates a giggling laugh
Faye mocks Millie as she impersonates a giggling laugh

Meanwhile, one Love Island fan commented: “Faye is such bad vibes, i tried to like her and give her a chance but the way she was mocking those girls whilst on the dates”.

Another viewer was reminded of Kady McDermott’s time in the villa in the show’s second series, noting: “Faye watching the dinner dates is giving me Kady in the hideaway energy #loveisland ”.

However, another noted that Faye’s mocking of the dates was not new: “That is such bad vibes Faye, I HATE when the girls are mimicking from the rooftop during the dates, happens every season #LoveIsland ”.

Millie is seen giggling while on her date with Faye's couple partner Liam
Millie is seen giggling while on her date with Faye’s couple partner Liam

Finally, one Love Island fan concluded: “m sorry Faye and Sharon during the dates [red flag emojis]”.

Does Faye have reason to be worried?

*Love Island usually airs at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub with episodes made available the next day on BritBox.

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