Love Island 2021 line-up in full – first disabled contestant to beauty queen

Love Island’s much-anticipated 2021 line-up has finally been confirmed in full – and it’s certainly an interesting mix.

Among them is inspirational PE teacher Hugo Hammond, who has become the show’s first ever disabled star.

The 24-year-old, from Hampshire, was born with clubfoot, has travelled the world playing cricket for England PD

Beauty queen Sharon Gaffka also clearly has brains behind the beauty as she has worked for the government since she was 18 and is also an ambassador for The Young Women’s Trust.

Here are all of this year’s original Islanders to look out for this series…

Sharon Gaffka

Age: 26

From: Devon

Job: Lettings manager

Why take part in this series: “In the last year we haven’t been able to experience anything. I’m open to anything. The opportunity came up so why wouldn’t I? I’d love to meet somebody, what better way to meet somebody than in the sun – amazing.”

Tell us about your job: “I’m a lettings manager and I’ve got an amazing team. I go out and do valuations, win business for the company and I’ll do the odd viewing and find tenants.

“My main role is the sales side of things. I absolutely love it! I’ve actually only taken a sabbatical from work because in my ideal world, I’d love to go back to work. I try to make it as Selling Sunset as possible. I’m definitely there in the mini dresses, boobs out, bum out, turning up and you can see the wives say to their husband, “You’re staying outside”. It’s so fun.”

How family describe you: “ I would like my own estate agency or my own charity shop. I want someone who I can go on holidays and stuff with for the next couple of years, and have a really fun time. And then start thinking about kids and serious things in three or four years’ time.”

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*Love Island returns next Monday at 9pm on ITV2

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