Lorraine Kelly forced to change outfit after awkward wardrobe malfunction

Lorraine Kelly addressed a sudden change in her outfit on her show on Tuesday, after being shown in a different dress just minutes earlier.

The telly host appeared on Good Morning Britain around half an hour before her own show, as normal, to reveal what she had coming up.

Then, just before her show stars, she normally appears again at around 9am just to remind fans of what is on the cards.

But when she returned on Tuesday, she was wearing a completely different outfit.

Lorraine had initially worn a red, silk patterned number, but had changed it for a mid-sleeve green dress.

Lorraine Kelly addressed a sudden change in outfit on her show on Tuesday

She was quick to explain this shake-up to any eagle-eyed viewers, getting in there first.

It’s then that Lorraine confirmed to Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins that she was forced to change, due to a major wardrobe malfunction.

Just before she was due to go on air, she suffered a mishap when her button pinged off.

Lorraine had been wearing a red outfit moments before

Luckily it didn’t happen on air, and she had just enough time to do a wardrobe change.

Lorraine said: “Eagle-eyed among you will realise I changed my dress, that’s because the button right there popped.

“I didn’t have time to sew it back up, I’m rubbish at sewing.”

Lorraine Kelly confessed she had an accident with her dress

She informed viewers on her Instagram page about the moment too, showing off her new outfit.

Most viewers didn’t appear to notice the change until she’d said it, while one did comment: “@lorraine am I dreaming or was @reallorraine wearing an orange dress half an hour ago now she is in green…?”

Charlotte and Adil, meanwhile, laughed off the moment, as Lorraine carried on with her hosting duties.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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