Lorraine doctor gets Covid vaccine live on air as nurse compliments his muscles

Lorraine star Dr Amir Khan got the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine live on air on Wednesday as he proved there was absolutely nothing to fear and asked those concerned to consider, “What alternative is there?”

Dr Amir’s flirty nurse complimented his muscles during the giggly appointment in Bradford with the doctor confirming he felt fine afterwards other than a slightly sore arm.

Reporting to Ranvir Singh, who is covering for Lorraine Kelly, Dr Amir explained that the vaccine means he could still contract Covid, but it would not be anywhere near as serious.

Dr Amir said: “I am feeling really positive, I managed to get mine because I am a frontline NHS worker.

Dr Amir said he was emotional to have finally been vaccinated as he works on the front line

“After this I will be going into clinic and doing normal GP surgery, and then I will be vaccinating this afternoon.

“So I am on the frontline, we are part of the second priority group after care home residents and workers.

“It is a bit of an emotional moment really, but I am feeling good, really good.”

Footage played of Dr Amir getting the jab from a nurse named Jan.

Friendly nurse Jan complimented his muscles

She thanked him for coming and went through some questions including if Dr Amir had allergies or a fever, and if he was involved in any coronavirus trials.

“Oh we’ve got some proper muscles here!” Jan gushed.

“I’ve been working out Jan, I’ve been working out,” replied Dr Amir, and with that the injection was done.

“I didn’t feel anything!” joked Jan.

The doctor said his arm did not hurt, though it might do later, and he felt great

Dr Amir said: “I have had vaccines before when I go travelling, but that was nothing at all, it was nothing to fear.

“I’ve had my Covid vaccine, it was so exciting, and I will be booking in for my second one in three weeks’ time.”

The jab requires a booster after three weeks, to get the full immunity, and up to two weeks after that, the patient’s treatment is fully done.

Dr Amir stayed under supervision at the surgery for 15 minutes after the jab, and he said a small number of people had allergic reactions to it, but that was normal.

“People who are sitting at home watching this and thinking, ‘Oh I don’t want to go, I am reluctant, I’ve got all these questions,

“Just ask yourself, what is the alternative, getting the vaccine and getting out of this whole nightmare that we are in, or finding ourselves in lockdown, seeing the economy nose dive, and more importantly, hearing about more and more deaths.”

* Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am

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