Line of Duty clues, red herrings and fan theories about mysterious H’s identity

Line of Duty fans are desperate to work out the identity of H, the corrupt police officer that AC-12 have been trying to pin down for six seasons now.

In the last series, we got the bombshell that H could actually be four people, rather than one shady individual bent copper.

Those who have already been identified are Dot Cottan, Derek Hilton and Senior Legal Counsel Gill Biggeloe, leaving us with one final name to discover.

And those clever Line of Duty writers have been dropping endless clues and red herrings to keep us guessing, so here are all the suspects and theories that could lead us to working out who H really is ahead of the season six finale…

H is a place

A fan theory that is gaining in popularity is that the final H is not a person, but a place.

Some have suggested that the fourth H is The Hill, AKA Hillside Police Force.

It’s theorised that in his dying confession Dot was actually revealing that the whole station is corrupt, rather than singling out one person.

The idea is that the OCG has complete power over this one station and bringing up different generations of corrupt officers through the ranks.

If this theory is true, it brings the extent of corruption to a whole new level.

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