Leverage Reboot Show Image: First Look At James Marsters & Christian Kane

The show has been filming in New Orleans since last August. Along with Marsters, the reboot has added Noah Wyle (Falling Skies) and up-and-comer Breanna Casey (The CW’s Charmed) to the cast. As described by John Rogers, co-creator of the original Leverage, Wyle will play a “conflicted” corporate lawyer who finds his conscience after realizing he’s working for the wrong team. Wyle will also direct two episodes of the 13-episode season. Casey has been cast as Hardison’s foster sister, who, like Hardison, has a track record of using her computer prowess for sub-legal purposes. Executive producer Dean Devlin has also joined the project, which he says is a “re-imagining of the original premise.”

Marsters unfortunately will only be appearing in a guest role in Leverage: Redemption, but it’s exciting to see the fan-favorite appearing on screen nonetheless. Despite Eliot’s amused expression, the first-look photos are of a scene in which he’s working to stop Marsters’ character Carl from his devious plot. Of course, whatever Eliot’s up to in the episode is probably not entirely legal either, which is why Carl’s inclusion as a kind of moral foil for the main team is an interesting concept. Both steal from the rich, who are themselves stealing from the poor, but Carl’s self-serving intentions may clarify an ethical boundary for Eliot that distinguishes the characters’ relatively similar operations.

Source: TVLine

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