Last Man Standing Season 9 Finale Images Show Emotional Series Ending

Images from the Last Man Standing season 9 finale depict an emotional send-off for the series. Last Man Standing is an American sitcom that was first aired on ABC, starting in 2011, for six seasons, and then on Fox for three more seasons from 2018 – 2021. Tim Allen stars in the show as Mike Baxter, a senior executive and marketing director for an outdoor fishing company. A rugged man’s man, Baxter is an outspoken conservative who loves fishing, hunting, and his family. However, he struggles to maintain his manliness while, quite literally, being the last man standing at home among his wife and three daughters.

For nine seasons, viewers have followed the Baxters – watching their daughters grow up and their family expand as son-in-laws and grandkids are introduced. However, after 10 years and nearly 200 episodes, it was announced that Last Man Standing’s 9th season would be its last. Thus far, season 9 has been exciting for fans. It included a small time jump to 2023, thus, avoiding taking place during the pandemic and allowing Kristin’s and Mandy’s children to be introduced as toddlers. Episode 2 of season 9 also made headlines when Allen reprised his role as his Home Improvement character, Tim Taylor, for the episode. Soon, the series will release one final episode to wrap up a 10-year run.

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Images were released by TVLine that gave fans an inside peak into the emotional finale of Last Man Standing. The one-hour finale is scheduled to air on May 20th and will be broken up into two episodes. The first episode, “Baxter Bootcamp,” will show Mandy learning about camping and Mike teaching his daughter, Kristin, a lesson on work/life balance. However, it is the second episode, “Keep on Truckin,'”that will most likely deliver the emotional punch. In the episode, Mike’s beloved truck is stolen after 10-years of renovation and the family is gathered together for one final farewell. Check out some of the images below:

The images reveal that Kaitlyn Dever will reprise her role as youngest daughter, Eve, for the finale. A recurring guest star since her exit from the show in 2018, she will join the rest of the Baxter family and friends for the final farewell. Fans of the show will know that Baxter’s truck is his pride and joy, spending 10-years renovating the 1956 Ford F-100. Considering that Baxter spent 10 years on the truck before it was taken from him, and Last Man Standing ran for 10 years before its end, the symbolism and parallels will be hard to miss and will make for one gut-wrenching finale.

While the finale of Last Man Standing marks the end of an era, fans may be comforted by the fact that the show is ending on its own terms. In 2017, outrage ensued when the show was cancelled by ABC, with Allen expressing his heartbreak over the decision. However, luckily Fox picked up Last Man Standing in 2018 and allowed it to come to its natural end. Allen has expressed that the cancellation of the show this time around was a mutual decision between him and Fox. Originally, they had planned to end the show after season 8, but decided to go for one more season to give the series the gentle and touching ending it deserved. Now, Allen, along with the rest of the cast and crew, will get one final bow on May 20th – a well deserved and fitting end for 10 years of intense dedication to producing a show that was loved, and will continue to be loved, for years.

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