James Martin jokingly walks off after Robert Rinder’s cheeky on air proposal

James Martin jokingly made a quick and embarrassed exit off his Saturday morning breakfast programme after a surprise “proposal” by guest Robert Rinder.

Judge Rinder was the celeb guest on James Martin’s Saturday Morning this weekend as he joined the TV chef in his home kitchen.

The pair shared stories and a few laughs as James cooked up a storm in the kitchen, but the host soon got a bit flustered by his guest’s joking suggestion of marriage.

Robert, 43, was clearly impressed by 48-year-old James’ culinary skills as the chef prepared a sea bass dish while interviewing his guest on June 19.

The barrister said: “I think people should know that when I sat down here in his real house and he said ‘I’m just going to cook for you, make perfect food and then ask you questions whilst serving you expensive wine’ I asked you where Ant and Dec were.”

James Martin cooking
James Martin cooked a selection of dishes for Robert Rinder

“You did actually,” James said, with Rob replying: “I’m waiting. What’s the catch James?”

James joked that the could still be there before he continued his demonstration.

He went on: “But, look you’ve just got some lime zest over the top and there you have it.

“It’s a lovely little dish just for you. It’s basically sea-bass with a sauce made out of this amazing Korean gochujang paste, veg from my garden with a little bit of lime over the top.”

Visibly impressed, Robert asked: “You grew the vegetable as well?”

James admitted that he does and his guest jokingly said: “Do you know, if I didn’t know that you were a little bit different and interested in cars I’d ask you to marry me right now.”

And the comment clearly flustered the host who said: “There’s a thing, anyway look at the fish,” before quickly exiting the shot.

Robert Rinder James Martin
Robert Rinder praised James Martin’s cooking abilities

The moment caused great laughter among the camera crew and Rob continued to lavish praise on James throughout the show.

Rob even confessed to the chef: “This is my best morning in a very long time!”

In another dish, James prepared sweet and sour chicken.

James Martin sea bass
James prepared sea bass for his guest

“They need to invent smell-o-vision, this is heaven,” Rob joyfully exclaimed before getting to grips with the dish.

His appreciation was again on full show as he jokingly asked the chef: “When am I moving in?”

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9:25am on ITV.

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