Inside Britain’s biggest families with 31 children and £300-a-week food bills

Watching the total at the ­supermarket till creep up and up can be a fraught moment for anyone – but imagine if you had to budget for a super-sized brood?

One of Britain’s biggest families, the Sullivans, spend around four times the average family spend of £80 on their weekly food shop.

A conveyor belt of birthdays must also be planned, along with huge energy bills and clothes for growing children.

As for holidays, sleep or an empty washing basket? Forget about it.

Follow three bumper-pack families in an ITV documentary tomorrow that captures the chaos, and fun.

Nicole and Joseph Sutton and their 11 children are on a food budget of up to £200-a-week, Ben and Zoe Sullivan and their 11 offspring spend £300, while Fran and Layden Seymour and their brood of nine have no limit.

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The couple and their 11 children live in Lossiemouth, Scotland. “Life in a big family is fun, but pretty crazy and noisy,” says Eva.

Charlotte agrees: “It’s never too quiet. That’s a bad thing if it’s quiet, it means one of the little ones has escaped or something.”

With an income of around £600 a week, they spend £300 a week on food.

“It’s like a Travelodge,” says Ben, glancing at 15 boxes of cereal. “The milk we get through, we need our own cow!” says 42-year-old Zoe.

She adds: “There are things that we don’t do. We don’t really have holidays.”

The couple save all year for Christmas, budgeting for £3,000 (three times the average family spend). “Seeing their faces is magical,” says Zoe, who would like another baby.

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