Demi Lovato To Host UFO Investigation Series At Peacock

Demi Lovato is set to investigate UFOs in a new unscripted limited series for Peacock. The out-of-this-world announcement comes after it was revealed Lovato would return to television acting with NBC’s new comedy series, Hungry. She’s also recently been making headlines for her YouTube docuseries, Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, which candidly explored her turbulent past. Lovato’s family and friends made appearances in that project, and it seems she’ll beaming them up for her new extraterrestrial adventure as well.

Lovato will host a four-part limited series tentatively titled, Unidentified With Demi Lovato. In each episode, the international superstar will try to uncover the truth about UFOs alongside her sister Dallas and best friend Matthew, both of whom appeared in Dancing with the Devil. Peacock elaborated further on the fun concept, stating:

While consulting with leading experts, Demi, Dallas and Matthew will investigate recent eyewitness encounters, uncover secret government reports, and conduct tests at known UFO hot spots. Demi is a true believer, and during this courageous adventure, she hopes to convince her friends, family and her millions of followers that not only are there intelligent beings beyond Earth but that they are already here!

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In addition to headlining the series, Lovato will also serve as an executive producer. Her famous manager, Scooter Braun, has a hand in the producer circuit as well with his SB Projects team. Braun’s partners JD Roth, Adam Greener and Sara Hansemann will also executive produce under the GoodStory Entertainment banner (Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries). Andrew Nick was named an executive producer as well.

The Grammy nominee flaunted her interest in all things unidentified back in October, sharing that she spent a few days in Joshua Tree with Dr. Steven Greer. The top ufologist could possibly be one of the leading experts teased in the Unidentified With Demi Lovatos announcement. From Dancing with the Devil to dancing with aliens, one thing’s clear: Lovato sure knows how to keep fans intrigued.

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