I’m A Celeb’s Ruthie Henshall dated a royal and was pranked by Prince Charles

I’m A Celebrity latecomer Ruthie Henshall has mixed with the royals – and even dated one for a spell.

West End actress Ruthie, 53, entered camp at the end of last night’s show alongside opera singer Russell Watson.

And no doubt she’ll have some tales to tell around the campfire, after romancing Prince Edward, 56.

Ruthie and the Earl of Wessex remain on good terms to this day, and she has nothing but fond memories of him and brother Prince Charles.

She recalled “having a cook-out with” the royal brothers beside a loch in Scotland when she “screamed the place down” after a savage prank.

Ruthie’s joining the show as latecomer

Ruthie told: “They told me there were ghosts in this particular place and when I went the toilet with a candle – as there was no electricity – they waited me to come out and then jumped out on me.

“I screamed the place down! They were hilarious.”

She added: “I have no idea whether they watch [I’m A Celeb] or not.

“But I am sure they enjoy reality TV as much as the rest of us! I’m really looking forward to going in.

Ruthie and Prince Edward remain on good terms to this day

She recalled ‘hilarious’ Charles’ prank on her

“I’ve been doing the same thing, which I adore, for 35 years and now I want to shake my life up a bit.”

And Ruthie laughed: “I’ve also got two teenagers and I can’t wait to get away from them!

“What’s worse, living with two teenagers or going in a castle? I’ll take the castle!”

Ruthie has mixed in high-class circles

She admitted she didn’t know it was in Wales

Despite her positivity, Ruthie was forced to admit she thought the show was still held in Australia when she put her name down.

“At the time, I had no idea when I said yes it would be in Wales,” she admitted.

“As far as we were concerned, when we signed up I was going to a nice hot jungle!

The series shifted to the domineering Gwrych Castle in Wales

“But in actual fact I think it’s brilliant that it’s in Wales. I think it’s brilliant that this British show that is so loved by the audiences has come home, be it for how long, we don’t know. It may be for one year.

“How lovely that a bunch of people in the United Kingdom are getting paid? I’m not just talking about the cast, I’m talking about all the people that it takes on this show. And I just think it’s so fantastic that we’re in the beautiful Welsh countryside in a big part of history – an old castle.”

*I’m A Celebrity airs on ITV tonight at 9pm.

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