Hawkeye’s MCU Show: All New Marvel Characters Explained

Kazimierz Kazimierczak aka the Clown will be played by Fra Fee in Hawkeye and be a secondary antagonist. He became a mercenary after two different events led to the deaths of his circus family and best friend. This led to many prominent villains hiring Kazi for his services, but his encounter with Hawkeye came after the “Tracksuit Draculas” sought out Kazi after Clint interfered with their business plans. Clown went on to kill one of Clint’s neighbors and attempted to return to the crime scene but was attacked by Lucky the Pizza Dog. When Clown and the Tracksuit Draculas returned once more, Clint and Kate Bishop fought them. This led to Clown sticking two arrows in Clint’s ears, making him almost completely deaf once again.

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