Gogglebox dad-to-be Pete Sandiford bursts into tears over heart-wrenching show

Gogglebox dad-to-be Pete Sandiford broke down in tears on Friday’s instalment as he watched a heartbreaking programme with his sister, Sophie.

Pete is expecting a baby with fiancee Paige Yeomans, and was watching documentary Baby Surgeons, about pioneering surgeons performing life-saving surgery on babies inside the womb.

In one heart-wrenching scene, a surgeon managed to save a baby’s life by removing a tumour while she was still in the womb.

But the parents had to wait in terror to find out if it was successful, and listened desperately for a heartbeat – sobbing with relief when they heard it.

Pete said to his sister: “Innit mad? I am actually going to be a dad to somebody.”

“Crazy. Life’s coming at you fast,” Sophie replied, referring to the couple’s recent engagement.

Sophie commented that her unborn niece or nephew was a “proper little baby now”, hinting this wasn’t the first scan she had seen.

* Gogglebox airs Friday nights on Channel 4 at 9pm

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