GMB’s Dr Amir Khan urges caution over claims Britain is ‘no longer in pandemic’

Good Morning Britain’s Dr Amir Khan has urged caution amid new reports that Britain could be “out of the pandemic” in regards to coronavirus, after the success of the vaccination rollout.

Cases and deaths across the UK have seen a fall in numbers ever since the jab programme stepped up, as well as new lockdown restrictions were brought in late last year, and earlier this year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson credits these strict social distancing and lockdown measures for the slowing down in the spread of Covid-19 across Britain.

But a new report suggests the vaccine has also helped with this massively, and has not only curbed transmission but also symptoms.

“So that is what she is referring to, that we are hopefully turning the tide on the virus and reducing this rate of transmission.”

Host Kate asked about people maybe thinking it’s “all over” with the idea of moving from a pandemic to an endemic, and Amir urged caution.

He said: “I wish I could say yes to that but I think we need to be cautious, and I think she does go on to carry out that statement with caution.

“We have seen Brazil and India and now Canada, and what happens when you perhaps lift restrictions too quickly or don’t put restrictions in at all.

“So even though we’re doing really well with this vaccination programme and the evidence is really good in bringing numbers down, I wouldn’t say just yet we are out of the pandemic, but it is really good news.”

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