Frankie Bridge says son may have to repeat school year again due to pandemic

Frankie Bridge has shared her thoughts on the prospect of her youngest son repeating his reception year of school again.

The 32-year-old former Saturdays singer, who is mum to Parker, eight, and Carter, five, was speaking to the Loose Women panel today about the topic.

It came as the Loose Women discussed the future of education after a professor suggested that children affected by the lockdown should be allowed to repeat their school year.

Speaking to the ITV panel, Frankie revealed that Carter had already repeated his reception year once and doesn’t think it would ‘make sense’ to do it yet another time.

“I think it’s a really hard one isn’t it. Like you said, everyone is in a different situation,” Frankie said on today’s show.

Frankie and Wayne Bridge
Frankie and her husband Wayne share two sons

“But for me personally, our youngest son Carter, he repeated reception this year. So for me for him to go back and do reception for a whole other year, it wouldn’t make sense.

“I feel like where does that end? There’s going to be a knock on affect of that further down the line.”

During the show, Frankie also revealed that she was most concerned about her children’s mental health after being away from the social aspect of school.

Frankie Bridge says son may have to repeat school year again due to pandemic
Frankie’s youngest son might have to repeat his school year again

Frankie continued: “For me, personally, I worry less about their education and more about their mental health because I know my eldest son is really missing all his friends.

“He finds it hard to understand why he can’t see them and my youngest is only five and turned around to me and said ‘Mummy I’m really scared’ and I was like ‘why?’

“He’s normally really chilled. He said ‘I’m scared of germs, I’m scared of if my friends get too close to my face and they don’t listen to their teacher and they don’t stay far away enough’.

“I just thought should he really be worrying about stuff like that? I’m not particularly finny about things like that at home and yeah I just think how is it going to affect them?”

Frankie Bridge says son may have to repeat school year again due to pandemic
Frankie revealed that her youngest son has

Frankie also recently revealed to fans that she might ‘not be done’ with having kids.

In a social media message, the singing sensation said: “I don’t feel done, I’m still young.

“It’s a really big decision. 3 changes a lot of things. I’m not good at being pregnant either. SO that alone is a big decision for me. The boys are awesome.

However, the couple’s decision also might hinge on whether their two boys are behaving themselves at the time.

“So also depends what day you ask me. When they’re awesome or when they’re being a pain in the bum!”

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