First Dates most bizarre date ever – diarrhoea, X-rated dessert & sordid request

After experiencing a devastating humiliation, Mula plucked up the courage to return to First Dates.

While in the toilet during her first date on the show, waitress Laura Tott broke the crushing news that he date had got “cold feet” and would not be coming.

“Are you serious? That is such a waste of time,” said gutted Mula, who wasn’t even given an excuse.

However, Mula admitted everything happens for a reason and took a second shot at finding love in 2015.

Her blind date was another returner, funny man AJ, who compared women to a bucket of KFC and went off for a “slash” on his first date.

When the pair were put together for their second attempts they certainly got more than they bargained for in one of the strangest dates the show has ever seen.

AJ and Mula were both back for a second attempt at a date

Before the date had even started, AJ was full of himself and described his redeeming qualities.

“When god made AJ they said yeah give him confidence, give him a bit of looks, give him a bit of skin complexion. He’s going to be a c***y d***head. F*** it, shrink him,” he explained.

Things got awkward almost immediately when Mula said she was Persian – leading AJ to claim she was Iranian but wanted to “sound sexy”.

Mula was not impressed with his impression, so AJ was forced to backtrack and insist he was not mocking her.

Conversation swiftly moved on to the gym, with AJ admitting: “I just started literally – so a year. I was on protein shakes but it just messes up your stomach.”

Mula did not look impressed at the start

Despite the fact they had only known each other for a few minutes, they started discussing their bowel movements.

But in a bizarre moment, Mula bluntly asked: “Do you get diarrhoea?”

When stunned AJ claimed he had not, Mula continued: “I’ve been getting diarrhoea. I’ve been using this waist trainer. You put it on, super tight, and gives you diarrhoea.”

The standard of chat didn’t get much better when they moved to the dining area.

Mula raised an eyebrow when AJ claimed he was a good chef, then claimed she had “just about perfected rice and eggs”.

Bemused AJ didn’t know what to say

However, the date took a positive turn when Mula asked AJ to tell her a joke, which was a surprising hit.

“Have you sat on a pile of sugar? Because I was going to say what a sweet a**e,” said AJ.

After comparing their OCD and even their love for baby wipes, AJ had nothing but jokes to dish out for the rest of their time together.

“What do you call a Turk that talks to much,” he asked. “A shhhhh kebab.”

In another bizarre moment, AJ then claimed he didn’t need to go to KFC anymore because: “I have my thighs and breast right here.”

They started to bounce off each other

While speaking to camera on his own, AJ let us into a very raunchy confession.

“Yes I have pictured her naked. Not just naked but butt-naked,” he revealed.

This time, AJ didn’t use any crude terms when he popped to the toilet mid-date, then played the joker when he came back.

AJ stepped in pretending to be a waiter at the swanky restaurant and recommended the best dessert that they had to offer.

“We have a very good dessert for you, the b*****b is very good. I am the b*****b. Very good, I recommend it for you.”

Stunned Laura didn’t know where to look

After taking his seat, Mula told AJ to order the supposed sweet treat, but he insisted: “It’s on the menu.”

When it came to ordering their pudding, AJ was left in a fit of giggles when Mula asked if that specific dessert was on offer.

Open-mouthed waitress Laura, who struggled to contain her laughter, said: “Last time I checked the menu it wasn’t on there. I think that’s one of his specials.”

Rather than facing the embarrassment of ordering anything else, the pair agreed to go and get Krispy Kreme donuts from Tesco instead.

There’s usually a bit of a tense showdown when the bill arrives on First Dates, but the pair immediately agreed to go halves.

There was an awkward silence when they sat down at the end

But there was an awkward exchange when they sat down after the date to decide whether they would like to see each other again.

After sitting in silence for a few seconds, AJ asked: “Do we talk now?”

When asked how she thought the date went, Mula said: “It went alright.”

Then when AJ wanted to know if they were still going for Krispy Kremes, all he got in response was a nervous giggle from Mula.

“I don’t know what that is. Am I looking like a d***head now,” he asked, but she agreed to head off for a donut together.

They were last seen getting into the back of a taxi together.

*First Dates airs tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm

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