Ronan Keating opens up on therapy as Roman Kemp calls for mental health lessons

Loose Women ‘s first ever male spin off Loose Men marked International Men’s day, as the hosts discussed mental health amongst other issues.

Ronan Keating, Iain Stirling, Marvin Humes and Roman Kemp discussed the shocking figures that report every day 12 men take their own lives by suicide, and it remains the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49.

One in three men are victims of domestic abuse and 33 men a day die from prostate cancer.

Talking about the need to maintain your mental health like your physical health, Ronan explained: “I get help whenever I am feeling fragile, if I need to lean on somebody.

Ronan Keating and his wife Storm
Ronan and his wife Storm talk to a therapist when times get tough

“My wife can tell if I am overstressed, working too hard, things are getting on my back.

“Or maybe it’s a certain date that reminds me of something that’s happened, someone who has passed away, I talk to my therapist Dan.

“I will say to Storm, ‘Do you think it’s time to speak to Dan?’

Ronan Keating, Iain Stirling, Marvin Humes and Roman Kemp host the one off special

“Storm and I can have conversations but me and Dan don’t live under the same roof…

“He gives me tools and I can take those home and maybe be a better person.”

Iain added: “I have had those moments in the past trying to speak to mates about how you feel and you can see them, they don’t have the tools to deal with what you are saying…

Iain Stirling makes a plea for men to talk about their mental and physical health more openly

“What would be great for us would be to normalise men talking about their feelings because I definitely find it difficult.”

Roman believes this needs to start as young as possible, saying: “We need to be teaching boys at school to open up.

“It’s important to learn to defend yourself against your own brain.

Roman Kemp calls for mental health awareness to be taught in schools

“I was at school not long ago and I didn’t once get taught how to deal with stress and my own mental health…

“There needs to be more done for the kids, 50% of schools these days don’t have any form of counselling and that, for m, isn’t good enough.”

Iain also stresses how men need to be more vigilant about their health and less embarrassed.

He says: “Men die from testicular cancer because they are too embarrassed to go to the doctor.

“I remember at uni, a load of female friends went to the sexual health clinic.

“They went and got tested for STIs, had a latte, lovely day out.

“I think as a bloke, your willy could fall off and you would probably rock up to hospital with a bag going ‘It’s probably nothing, I don’t really use it anymore!'”

* Loose Men airs on Thursday at 12.30pm on ITV

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