Fatima Whitbread kept cockroach that got up her nose on I’m A Celebrity

Former I’m A Celebrity contestant Fatima Whitbread has revealed she kept the cockroach that got rammed up her nose on the show all those years ago – and even had it waxed.

In the 2011 series, around 7,500 cockroaches were put in the former Olympic athlete’s helmet during a Bushtucker Trial and one of them crawled up her nose.

The trial was stopped and the show’s medic Bob was brought in with a syringe full of water, and managed to flush the roach out of the javelin thrower’s nose – while it was a while before it broke free.

On tonight’s ITV special I’m A Celebrity… A Jungle Story, which celebrates 20 series of the show, Fatima spoke about the shocking moment and got out her preserved bug for the camera.

She said: “It did come out and didn’t last long, and I’ll have to show you this because I kept him and had him waxed, and he’s quite comfortably sitting in there.”

Former I’m A Celebrity contestant Fatima Whitbread has revealed she kept the cockroach

Fatima then held up a glass container to the camera filled with wax, which encased the bug, as she added: “LB I call him because at the time he was a little b*****d.”

After Fatima got rid of the pesky roach, she continued with another trial to beat Pat Sharp in a tie-break, which resulted in his exit .

Fatima then put the creepy crawly in a bottle to take back and show her campmates.

Fatima held up a glass container to the camera filled with wax which encased the bug

The athlete also spoke on Loose Women in 2012 about how the bug got wedged up there.

She said: “That was a scary moment – they edited it I know. It was up there for 20 minutes.

“The doctor looked and said there was nothing there but I knew – you know when there is an alien body inside your body.

Fatima put the creepy crawly in a bottle to take back and show her campmates

“It took 20 minutes and three different solutions to flush it out. It shot out my mouth and he hit the ground running like an Olympic cockroach, but I got it.”

The new series of I’m A Celebrity airs on on Sunday, November 15 at 9pm on ITV.

This year it is taking place at Gwrych Castle, Abergele in North Wales – instead of the normal filming location Australia due to the pandemic.

Viewers will see the celebrities undertake gruelling trials and fun-filled challenges to win food and treats.

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