Falcon & Winter Soldier Ending Title Almost Changed Bucky’s Name

Knowing that Marvel considered using Captain America and the White Wolf as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier‘s final title makes the decision to not use it all the more curious. Spellman makes it clear that he loved that decision but could only speculate about why Marvel Studios went in the other direction. It is a bit confusing, to say the least. Bucky’s entire arc in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was about him not being the Winter Soldier anymore, so for that to still be his title at the end doesn’t fit with that story.

It also leaves Bucky’s title in the MCU as one of the strangest lingering questions from the series. Marvel Studios clearly still wants viewers to think of him as Winter Soldier, even though The Falcon and The Winter Soldier proved Bucky prefers the title White Wolf. Perhaps Marvel did want the focus to stay on Sam’s transition from Falcon to Captain America as Spellman suggests, but that’s still a disservice to Bucky. It looks like fans will have to wait and see exactly what moniker Bucky has in future MCU projects, as it’s possible it is neither Winter Soldier nor White Wolf.

Source: THR

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