Falcon & Winter Soldier: Bucky & Sam’s Disapproval Crushes John Walker

There was already skepticism about Walker’s Captain America the moment he was introduced, for a couple of reasons. First, the character, who also goes by U.S. Agent in the comics is technically a villain, and chances are that Marvel Studios is mining inspiration from his print story for his arc in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Secondly, the shield and mantle weren’t supposed to be his, because Sam is the rightful owner of those as Steve’s chosen successor. Interestingly, however, the show’s second episode noticeably tried to humanize him, which would make Sam and Bucky’s refusal to help him through this journey look bad and might even lead Walker down the villainous path.

In the end, Walker and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier heroes went their separate ways as they track down the Flag-Smashers on their own. But their paths will inevitably cross again as they’re now essentially competing to accomplish the same mission. If anything, Walker might even be more motivated to beat his supposed idols after he was humiliated by their rejection.

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