Everything we know about Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview – and what to expect

Meghan Markle is set to reveal all about her brief time in the royal family and explain her decision to quit with Prince Harry in what’s likely to be a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The royal family and Palace staff are said to be nervous about what the Duchess of Sussex will say in the 90 minute intimate chat, which will air at the start of next month.

The interview for Oprah With Meghan And Harry: A CBS Primetime Special has already taken place, however will be reedited after it was announced last week that ‘Megxit’ is permanent and the couple have been stripped of their royal patronages.

Fans and royal critics can’t wait to hear what Meghan, who is pregnant with her second child, has to say.

It’s the latest in a string of tell-all interviews by members of the royal family, and Meghan is following in the footsteps of Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson.

Meghan Markle
Meghan will talk about a host of subjects in her big interview

We’ve had a look at everything we know about Meghan’s Oprah interview so far…

What she’ll speak about

We won’t know for sure what Meghan and Oprah chat about until the show hits our screens on March 7, but lots of experts have shared their predictions.

The announcement from CBS describes it as a “wide-ranging” interview covering “stepping into royal life, marriage motherhood, philanthropic work to how she is handling life under intense public pressure.”

Fans are hoping she will share some cute information about little Archie as well as an update on her pregnancy with baby number two. She’s also likely to discuss the miscarriage she suffered last year.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey was a guest at Meghan and Harry’s wedding

After Meghan and Oprah’s chat, Harry will join them and the couple will talk about their hopes for the future.

Holly Willoughby revealed that Oprah’s team contacted This Morning asking for footage from their interview with Samantha Markle, Meghan ‘s half sister – suggesting she’s going to address the family drama.

Samantha spoke to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes in January 2020, and Samantha tore into Meghan and Harry for their treatment of Meghan and Samantha’s father, Thomas Markle.

Royals are ‘nervous’

Meghan and Harry didn’t tell the royal family about their interview plans, and the news is said to have blindsided them.

A senior palace source said: “The Duke and Duchess are no longer working members of the royal family. Therefore, any decisions they make with regard to media commitments are matters for them.

The royal family
The royal family weren’t given a heads up about the interview

“As non-working members of the royal family, they are under no obligation to inform the Royal Household of such plans.”

Royal sources said there would be “a great deal of nervousness” as to what the couple would say given the Palace has no influence over the couple’s deals.

One said: “One only has to look at the previous instalments of the tell-all interview to know these things never end up with a wholly positive experience for any party.

“Everyone will be watching with intense interest.”

Another source added: “Questions are of course being asked why Harry would ever think this is a good idea.

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“On the one hand he may think that Oprah Winfrey is a trusted friend, despite only meeting her a handful of times, but on the other the history with these sorts of interviews has often ended with disastrous consequences.

“The overriding feeling he will very much live to regret it.”

Queen, Kate and other royals to star in BBC show on same day

The interview falls on the same day as a BBC show organised in place of the annual Commonwealth Day Service, which has been cancelled due to Covid.

A Celebration For Commonwealth Day will contain messages from the Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie Wessex.

Time difference means the programmes won’t clash.

It’s already been filmed

The interview is said to have taken place last Tuesday, the day Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip, was admitted to hospital “as a precautionary measure” after feeling unwell.

Winfrey is claimed to have spent two days with the Sussexes filming their primetime interview.

But it will have to be re-edited following Palace announcement

Oprah’s team will have to re-edited their footage following Meghan and Harry’s explosive rift with the Royal Family.

A statement from the Queen last week confirmed that Megxit is permanent, and revealed Meghan and Harry are losing their royal patronages and military titles.

It is understood the couple spoke about their roles within the royal family which have “significantly” now altered since sitting down with the US chat shown queen.

Ideally, claimed one US TV insider, CBS would like to re-shoot some of the interview to discuss the changes that have now taken place.

A source told the Mirror: “When the Duke and Duchess spoke, it was never envisaged they would have their patronages taken away.

“They didn’t see it coming and spoke as they still had roles to play.

“Now, however, other than their titles, they are to have no role in royal life – a point producers know was not discussed when Winfrey spoke to them.

“Neither the Sussexes nor the TV crew saw the fallout of their interview leading to this. Harry and Meghan thought they would retain their roles.

“But things have significantly changed for them since they eagerly sat for Winfrey and poured their hearts out.”

What time will it be on?

Meghan and Harry’s interview will air at 8pm Eastern Time on Sunday, March 7, which is about 1am on Monday morning in the UK.

It’s being show on CBS News, one of America’s biggest TV channels.

It’s unknown if any UK stations will get to show it. Meghan and Harry also have a huge deal with Netflix, so there is a chance it might be shown on the streaming service at some point.

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