Hour-long Emmerdale special tonight for child kidnapping storyline

Emmerdale will begin its tragic kidnapping storyline tonight in an hour-long special episode.

Jimmy and Nicola King are frantic as Carl goes missing, with the pair convinced that Juliette is to blame.

Juliette, who was last seen in the Dales in 2016 but returned in January this year, desperate to see her biological son Carl – but both Jimmy and Nicola have refused to let her speak to her.

In last night’s episode, Juliette was seen secretly handing a note over to Carl with her phone number on it and telling him to contact her.

Knowing that Juliette is willing to do what it takes to see her biological son, Jimmy phones the police and tells them that his son has been kidnapped – and has a good idea who has taken him.

Jimmy and Nicola King are frantic with worry on Emmerdale
Jimmy and Nicola King are frantic with worry on Emmerdale

PC Swirling eventually arrives but daughter Angel soon admits that Carl has gone to see Juliette.

Later, Juliette and Carl appear and Jimmy is left utterly furious, pushing the policeman to arrest her.

However, Juliette remains calm and tells PC Swirling about the situation, who leaves satisfied with her explanation.

But Juliette is intent on resolving the problem with Carl and suggests to Nicola that they talk alone, without Jimmy.

Later, Jimmy insists that he won’t let Juliette mess with his family, but Nicola secretly calls Juliette and arranges to meet her.

What is Nicola planning to do?

*Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with additional episodes at 8pm on Thursdays

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