Every Black Mirror Episode Ranked Worst To Best (All Seasons)

The story of “Be Right Back” perfectly captures the repercussions of using technology as a replacement for human companionship and affection, which is a hallmark of the whole show. When Martha discovers she is pregnant with her recently deceased boyfriend’s child, she uses a service that replicates his thoughts, feelings, and memories to cure her loneliness as well as her grief. It isn’t long before the service provides her with an artificial replica of the man she loves, but it quickly goes horribly awry as she comes to terms with the fact that it cannot replicate everything about her boyfriend.

“Be Right Back” is the best Black Mirror episode because it tackles the very real and relevant fears about loved ones passing as well as the hole they leave once they’re gone. Some people would do anything to have just one more moment with a person and, in the case of this episode, Martha is given that chance only to discover that not even the most advanced technology can replicate the humanity and love she’s lost. Sometimes Black Mirror‘s most captivating episodes are their most subdued. These episodes don’t constantly remind the audience that technology is at the forefront, but rather analyze how humanity will be impacted by technologies that can give them what they’ve always wanted.

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