Euphoria Special Episode 2 About Jules: 2021 Release Date Confirmed

The critically acclaimed HBO series Euphoria is getting a second special episode focusing on the character Jules this coming January. The first special episode, which was released last week, focused on the character Rue, played by Zendaya. The episode picked up where Rue’s season 1 arc left off, giving a stripped-down yet complex look into her motivations.

The release date for the second installment in the Euphoria special episodes was announced by actress Hunter Schafer on her Twitter. This announcement strongly resembles the first announcement for the special episodes that Zendaya posted on her Instagram back in October. The tweet did not include many details, just a poster featuring the actress’ character Jules and a release date. This second special episode of Euphoria will apparently be releasing on January 24th on HBO and HBO Max. You can view Schafer’s announcement tweet below.

Since the first special episode of Euphoria was packed with character revelations about Zendaya’s character Rue, it stands to reason that the next episode will give viewers just as much insight into Jules. These two episodes will also serve as a great appetizer for season 2, which had to be delayed due to COVID-19. But even in the midst of a pandemic, Euphoria is producing award-worthy content that has fans excited for more.

Source: Hunter Schafer/Twitter

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