Emmerdale viewers spot big hint Liam will cheat on new wife Leyla with Bernice

Emmerdale viewers think newlywed Liam Cavanagh might cheat on his new wife Leyla Harding after Thursday’s episode, where the couple tied the knot.

Bernice Blackstock has been pestering Liam ever since she returned from Australia, desperate to get back together with him while he resolved he loved Leyla and wanted to stay with her.

Leyla had been left furious by Bernice’s many jabs as she attempted to drive a wedge between Leyla and Liam.

But the night before Leyla and Liam’s big day, Bernice got drunk and left Liam a series of cringeworthy voicemail messages, telling him how much she still loved him.

She stole his phone the next day in a bid to delete the messages before he heard them, but he caught her out and she was forced to explain.

But when he saw her, having just listened to her messages, he waved at Bernice and she tentatively waved back, looking heartbroken.

Some viewers are convinced this wave was significant as Liam looked very thoughtful after hearing what Bernice had to say.

One tweeted: “So Liam lied to Leyla. He is definitely gonna cheat on Leyla. #Emmerdale “.

Another wrote: “With Bernice giving up on Liam, is Liam starting to have doubts about his marriage to Leyla when its only just began #Emmerdale “.

A third predicted: ” #Emmerdale Liam still has feelings for Bernice..Will she go back to Australia and Liam with rush to the airport to tell her how much he loves her”.

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