Emmerdale fans fear for teen Sarah as they ‘work out Danny’s true intentions’

Sarah Sugden was left horrified on Emmerdale, when drug dealer Danny returned to the village.

He’d been in prison for dealing after Sarah dropped him in it with the police last year.

She was scared of seeing him again, fearing he might want revenge on her.

But Danny claimed he liked her, and that he wasn’t out to get her.

Instead he told her he had changed and was actually glad to have been inside, before telling her he was sorry for what he did.

Sarah Sugden was left horrified on Emmerdale, when drug dealer Danny returned

He soon wormed his way back in before dragging her back into a drug scandal.

His pal Mason dropped some pills in the pub, leading to Sarah stashing more in innocent newcomer Ethan’s coat pocket to hide them as the police were called.

Ethan was arrested for possession, with Sarah saving Danny and Mason from trouble.

Danny claimed he wasn’t after revenge

Danny later thanked her, but it was clear it wasn’t over and that he would be back.

It was also clear his dealing days weren’t behind him, so the fact he tracked Sarah down suggested he had a motive.

Viewers feared Sarah could be in danger, and that maybe he was lying and was in fact back for revenge.

Emmerdale fans think Sarah is in danger

Taking to Twitter, fans urged Sarah to get away from Danny believing he was lying to her and out to get her.

One fan said: “Don’t Listen Sarah He Is Lying.”

Another agreed: “Stay away from him Sarah.”

A third added: “Don’t trust that Danny.”

Meanwhile, a fourth echoed this tweeting: “Danny going to pretend he has changed.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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