Ed Miliband loves brother David but ‘can’t erase what happened’ after feud

Ed Miliband has spoken out about his relationship with his brother David following their epic feud several years ago.

A major theme of the 2010 Labour leadership election was the rift between the two brothers as elder sibling David was widely tipped for the leadership until Ed decided to run against him – and ended up narrowly winning the contest.

In an article which some saw as a veiled attack on his brother, the elder Miliband wrote: “Simple opposition takes us back to our comfort zone as a party of protest, big in heart but essentially naive, well meaning but behind the times.”

“Yes, we are. We love each other,” father-of-two Ed replied.

“We’re not going to erase what happened, but we love each other and we talk a lot. I’ve just sent him a copy of the book, he’s very nice about it. Y’know, you move on.”

Ed was appearing on the ITV show to talk about his new book called ‘Go Big: How To Fix Our World’.

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