EastEnders star warns Lucas, Chelsea, and Denise plot is set for ‘brutal ending’

EastEnders actress Zaraah Abrahams has teased a brutal ending to her character’s plotline.

The former Waterloo Road star, 34, made her debut as Chelsea Fox just before Christmas on EastEnders, taking over from Tiana Benjamin who previously played the part from 2006 to 2010.

The character’s return saw her accompanied by – and apparently standing by – her serial killer father Lucas Johnson ( Don Gilet ) following his release from prison.

Chelsea’s decisions put her at odds with her mother Denise Fox ( Diane Parish ), who recently was reunited with her young son Raymond, who she was the result of a drunken one-night-stand with Phil Mitchell ( Steve McFadden ).

However, it recently became clear that Chelsea has not forgiven Lucas for his crimes and is merely using him to save her own skin amid her own criminal troubles.

Zaraah Abrahams as Chelsea Fox on EastEnders
Actress Zaraah Abrahams has teased a ‘brutal ending’ for her character Chelsea Fox’s current EastEnders plot

On Monday, viewers met Chelsea’s ex Caleb Malone, played by former Emmerdale star Scott Freeman, and it appears he is the cause of a lot of her troubles.

Actress Zaraah expained to Metro: “She decided to use Lucas because she wasn’t willing to take the risk herself.

“She actually wanted to get away from the lifestyle she was living.”

The actress, who previously appeared on Coronation Street, made clear that “doesn’t really care” about what happens to Lucas.

Denise Fox (DIANE PARISH), Lucas Johnson (DON GILET) in EastEnders
Will Lucas Johnson cotton on to Chelsea’s schemes on EastEnders?

Denise Fox (DIANE PARISH), Lucas Johnson (DON GILET) in EastEnders
Denise Fox has been clearly shaken by Lucas’ presence on Albert Square

Yet, when she faces roadblocks in her plans thanks to a questioning Denise and a resistant Lucas, it seems a darker fate could be in store for the family.

On Lucas refusing to go on a trip with Chelsea, Zaraah revealed to Metro: “She’s furious! And she’s panicking and she feels desperate and she knows that the ending could be pretty brutal.

“She feels panicked. She feels like she’s got to come up with something quickly.”

As events spiral out of control and both of her parents vanish, the actress reveals that she fears Lucas has done something unthinkable to her mother.

Lucas Johnson (DON GILET), Jack Branning (SCOTT MASLEN) in EastEnders
Can Jack Branning help protect Denise from Lucas?

Don Gilet as Lucas Johnson in EastEnders
Can Lucas’ intentions be trusted?

These scenes are due to air in next week’s episodes.

However, on Thursday night’s episode, Lucas meets up with Denise, her former boyfriend Jack Branning ( Scott Maslen ) and Patrick Trueman ( Rudolph Walker ) to express his remorse over what he has done in the past.

Is Lucas genuine in his attempts to make amends?

*EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.35pm.

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