EastEnders star Michelle Collins slams decision to kill off ‘iconic’ characters

EastEnders star Michelle Collins, who played Ian Beale’s wife Cindy, has hit out at the BBC soap for its decision to kill of iconic characters, leaving them no chance of return.

Her remarks come shortly after the horror murder of Kush Kazemi, who was pushed under a train by Gray Atkins last week, with Tina Carter also killed by the same villain just months earlier.

EastEnders has killed of many huge and much-loved characters over the years including Tiffany Mitchell, ‘Dirty’ Den Watts, Pauline Fowler, Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, Bradley Branning, Lucy Beale and Heather Trott.

One fan tweeted Michelle to say she had watched Cindy’s exit scene before she was killed off in childbirth off screen, in 1998, and criticised the decision.

One penned: “I am heartbroken for Davood. I can’t imagine the cast being happy about this in the slightest. EastEnders in 2021 is in such a dire strait it simply can’t have the arrogance to write out and kill off characters like Max, Tina, Denny and Kush .”

Another wrote: “This is actually outrageous though, the big kill off mistakes of #EastEnders : Pat, Kathy (redeemed), Fatboy, Mel and now Kush .”

“Look, I’m not even particularly into that s***e, but why the f**k would you kill offKush ?” asked another.

“I’m not gutted like I was when Michael Moon went – now *that* was a character – but this is just plain wrong. #EastEnders “.

* EastEnders airs Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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