American Horror Story Season 10 Reportedly Casts Paris Jackson

So far, Jackson’s scripted TV and film credits consist of smaller roles and guest spots in projects like Gringo and Scream: The TV SeriesAmerican Horror Story: Double Feature represents her most high-profile job to date, and it will be interesting to see how she fares on the show. If she leaves an impression with viewers, American Horror Story could be used as a springboard for Jackson to pursue other opportunities. American Horror Story has received numerous accolades throughout its run, including several acting award nominations and wins, so if Jackson is looking to raise her acting profile, teaming up with Murphy could work. Jackson also has a personal connection to the American Horror Story cast, as Culkin is her godfather.

Outside of knowing the dual nature of the Double Feature season, specific plot details for American Horror Story season 10 are being kept under wraps for the time being. That makes it difficult to predict who Jackson’s character can be, but hopefully more information is revealed in the near future. Perhaps after American Horror Story season 10 wraps, marketing materials will provide additional details about what viewers can expect in these new episodes. Those could provide clues about Jackson’s role, depending on how big her part is. Either way, it should be exciting to see Jackson take a big step forward in her acting career on American Horror Story.

Source: TMZ

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