Disobedient Gogglebox stars who were allowed back after breaking crucial rules

In any job there are rules which you must follow and severe punishments if you disobey your bosses.

It’s exactly the same for Gogglebox – with the families expected to follow a set of guidelines when appearing on the hit Channel 4 series.

No one individual is bigger than the show, as has been proven over the years as the roster of families is always changing but viewers still flock in their millions.

While some decided to leave to pursue exciting new career opportunities, otherwise are forced to leave against their will.

Gogglebox producers aren’t afraid to boot out any family that decides to break the rules that have been set.

But the kind-hearted bosses are also willing to forgive and let rule-breakers back onto the show after sitting out for a while.

Here is a look at what happened to those that broke the show’s rules.

George Gilbey’s Big Brother love triangle

Because she didn’t want to leave, Carolyne confessed she found it “too painful” to watch the show when they were no longer involved.

But it was seemingly all for nothing as Andrew failed to win the Hastings and Rye seat for UKIP in the election.

However, there was a twist in the tale as the Michaels were invited back in September 2015.

Having tried and failed to become an MP, Andrew decided to put his political career on hold so that his family could return to Gogglebox.

“I have a responsibility to keep my family happy after they supported me last autumn. That was a big deal for us. They supported me then, so it’s my time to support them now,” he told The Sun.

“Now I have stepped down from my official position as prospective parliamentary candidate,” said Andrew, “I was happy to step down in order to pick up Gogglebox.”

They were back for series 6 and have remained on Gogglebox ever since.

*Gogglebox airs Fridays on Channel 4 at 9pm

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