EastEnders star confirms Tina Carter’s fate as she calls exit ‘bittersweet’

EastEnders star Luisa Bradshaw-White, who plays Tina Carter, has confirmed the character is definitely dead after being murdered by Gray Atkins on Monday.

After some fans theorised Tina was not really dead despite Gray being seen wrapping up her dead body to bury it, Luisa has confirmed the door is closed for good.

She said: “I’m happy with the fact that she can’t come back, so it’s a proper shut door, the final nature of it I needed.

“But yes, it’s exciting, isn’t it? It’s an exciting storyline to get as an actor, so it was nice to play the drama of it all.”

Luisa Bradshaw-White revealed it was fun to play dead

Luisa continued: “Tina is a character I have invested a lot in and a character that I really love, so to see that end is quite sad,” she said.

“When you do an acting job you usually know the ending, this is the only job where you don’t really know the ending.

“So after all those years in a character and then you find out the ending, it’s quite a strange experience.”

Tina told Gray she was going to out him to the world as a killer

Asked what she would miss most about being on the soap, she said her co stars Danny Dyer, Kellie Bright and Linda Henry, who player Mick, Linda and Shirley Carter respectively.

Luisa said she has mixed feelings about her exit, as she loved her character so much, but it was exciting to play dead.

“A character that you love, a character that you’ve invested in and you played for seven years [dying] – that’s odd,” she said.

Gray claimed his second victim in the devastating scenes

“But actually the shooting of it, I thoroughly enjoyed.

“We had really good fun, I thoroughly enjoyed playing dead as well.

“It felt like the end of an era, so it was sad in some ways, but really exciting in other ways.”

Luisa said she would miss her fellow Carters the most

In tonight’s episode, Gray tells his murdered wife Chantelle’s mum Karen Taylor that he wants their children back full time.

Grieving mum Karen is likely to struggle with this – and little does she know Gray is highly dangerous.

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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