Dr Hilary warns it’s ‘too early’ for Christmas decision amid ‘foolish’ plans

Dr Hilary Jones has shared this thoughts on proposed plans for a five-day break from lockdown at Christmas.

It’s now been reported that it could come at a cost of another month-long coronarvius lockdown in January – while experts have warned of the possible cost of life and the impact it could also have on the economy.

Dr Hilary is against the new plans for five days of loosened Covid-19 restrictions, from Christmas Eve.

It would give families the chance to celebrate the festive season, and mix households for those days.

But amid uncertainty over the current lockdown in England and other strict rules across the UK, a decision has yet to be confirmed by the government.

Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones urged the public to consider if the proposed five-day lockdown break for Christmas ‘is worth it’

It’s also not clear what the restrictions will be like leading up to the proposed break.

Now, GMB star Hilary has asked viewers and the public to consider whether it will be “worth” having the break, when there could be consequences.

He warned of the impact it could have with households mixing, and the virus possibly spreading.

Christmas could be very different this year

With a vaccine in the works but yet to be up and running, he warned the UK “could be back to square one” if the lockdown break increases cases and hospital admissions.

The facts and figures also led to his other point, that data on cases and deaths are thought to be around three weeks behind.

So to make a decision on Christmas now, he said. is “too early” as there could be a spike in cases prior to this.

Susanna and Ben questioned whether the break should go ahead

Not only that, but he suggested it would be “foolish” if the five-day plan went ahead after new data revealed higher transmission had occured.

Speaking on the show to hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid, he said: “Every day, they’ve calculated, means five extra days in lockdown, and so five days of Christmas festivities means another lockdown of 25 days.

“With the damage that does to the economy and people’s mental health, it all has to be balanced.

Dr Hilary warned it’s ‘too early’ for a Christmas decision

“They talk about balance of risk all the time, and that’s exactly what it is. Other religious groups have had to forgo their religious festivities, they’ve made that sacrifice, and one has to question whether five days at Christmas, to have those parties, to have that roast turkey, really warrants another month of lockdown and shutting down the country.

“That’s a question only the government can make.”

He went on, as Ben suggested the decision should be made once December figures reveal the impact of the current lockdown: “I totally agree.

“I think it’s too early to make any decision about Christmas now, as we need to see where we are in two or three weeks time.

“If cases are going up, and hospitalisations and death rates are going up, I think it would be very foolish to think about five days of partying at Christmas.

“Unfortunately, I don’t wanna be a killjoy or a fun sponge, but if that can be the case we have to think very carefully, otherwise we will end up back to square one.”

He added that despite some great news in regards to Covid vaccine trials, we are a “long way off” before most people will be getting vaccinated.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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