Doctor Who’s Billie Piper Explains Why She Left The Show

However, Piper made sure to emphasize that she¬†has no hard feelings towards the franchise. “It was great in many ways,” she explained. “Because I was doing what I felt like I was born to do on some level.” Her stint in Doctor Who changed the world’s perception of her, as she went from child star to one of Doctor Who’s¬†favorite companions. At the same time, though,¬†being placed under the¬†microscope¬†came with its challenges. Doctor Who was great for her career and transition to an actress, but the fame and pressure¬†became too much, resulting in her decision to leave the show in search of different things.

Today, Piper¬†is the co-creator and star of the British dark comedy, I Hate Suzie.¬†She is currently dating Johnny Lloyd and is a mother to three children. She seems to have made peace with her past struggles with fame and with¬†the show¬†that continues to dominate her legacy. She even laughs about still running into 15-year old “Roses” at conventions, who are named for her character. Over the years, she has remained connected to the series with her contributions to Big Finish’s¬†Doctor Who audio plays¬†and her various guest appearances on the show.¬†She continues to be vastly respected and praised by fans around the globe for her performance as Rose and for her contribution to the Doctor Who¬†reboot’s continued success.¬†For someone who fretted about the responsibility of being a role model, she has done a marvelous job of being one.

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