Dexter Season 9 Image Reveals His New Identity & Career

A new Dexter season 9 image reveals the title character, Dexter Morgan, has a new identity and career. Following its debut in 2006, Dexter quickly became a cult classic and one of Showtime’s most popular series, with Michael C. Hall receiving numerous accolades for his portrayal of the anti-hero. After eight-action packed seasons of Dexter as a forensic blood spatter analyst, who maintains his deadly hobby on the side, Dexter ended with one of the most controversial sign-offs in television history. In the final episode, Dexter faked his own death after the demise of his sister, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), and became an isolated lumberjack in Oregon.

Last year, Showtime announced that Dexter would return for a 10-episode limited series, with Hall reprising his iconic role. Helmed by original showrunner, Clyde Phillips, who left the series after its fourth season, Dexter season 9 is set in the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York. Recently, Showtime drummed up further anticipation for the series with the release of the official season 9 trailer, which reveals Dexter is still a killer. Now, it appears the titular serial killer has a new alias and career.

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Showtime unveiled an image from Dexter season 9 on Twitter that shows an employee badge with the familiar face of Dexter Morgan. According to the badge, Dexter will now be going by the name Jim Lindsay and is a sales associate at Fred’s Fish & Game. Check out the official look at Fred’s Fish & Game’s familiar-looking employee, below:

Officially confirmed by director Marcos Siega, Dexter’s new secret identity could be a reference to the show’s creator, Jeff Lindsay. Of course, Dexter working a low-key job, such as a fishing supply store, would be ideal for the serial killer to remain out of the spotlight. Furthermore, employment at Fred’s Fish & Game would likely give Dexter access to a lake, that could provide a slew of hiding spots for corpses. Steering far away from the original setting of robust Miami, Florida, Dexter season 9 is expected to be darker than the first eight seasons.

At this time, Hall is the only actor from the original cast confirmed to return. However, Dexter season 9 co-star, Jamie Chung, who plays a true-crime podcaster, suggested familiar faces from the original series could make an appearance. Although the news of the revival was a shock for fans, Philips and Hall have reportedly been ruminating on the next chapter for years, which means the revival series has been carefully planned out. While it remains to be seen how long Jim Lindsay can keep his name tag, viewers can expect that Dexter will still fulfill his work as everyone’s favorite serial killer.

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