Dexter Season 9 Actor Jamie Chung Suggests Original Cast Will Return

Dexter season 9 actress Jamie Chung suggests that old cast members will return for the upcoming limited series. Showtime ended their hit show in 2013, with Dexter faking his death and laying low in Oregon as a lumberjack. The final season of Dexter was panned for a number of reasons, but many complained about how unsatisfying the story arcs for the main characters ended. Fans had been clamoring for Showtime to revive Dexter to fix the show’s ending, and in October 2020, the network confirmed that Dexter season 9 was a go.

So far, Hall is the only previous cast member confirmed for the series. With the release of Dexter season 9 quickly approaching this fall, the network has been dropping more and more details about the revival. Trailers for the revival show that Dexter has returned to killing, which is likely due to his new adversary played by Clancy Brown. At the beginning of the year, it was revealed that Dexter season 9 will mostly take place in upstate New York, and about a month later, Chung was cast as a true-crime podcaster. It’s unknown how big of a role Chung will have in the series, yet she has given a potentially huge detail away about season 9.

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In an interview with People, Chung commented on her involvement in Dexter season 9. The actress didn’t give away much about the story besides saying that it would be “darker” but did give an interesting tidbit about the cast. While Chung doesn’t explicitly say that the original cast is being brought back, her comment certainly seems to indicate that.

It takes place in upstate New York and as we know from the last season, Dexter’s hiding. So it certainly carries on and you have a lot of fresh faces, but a lot of familiar ones. I think it will certainly satisfy everyone’s appetite. Especially if you’re a big Dexter fan.

At the beginning of May, James Remar, who played Harry Morgan for eight seasons, confirmed that he wasn’t involved in the revival. Remar explained that Showtime never called any of the original cast to return and that he didn’t know anything about season 9. However, Chung’s comment now seems to debunk Remar’s claim. Since Chung is confirmed to be part of the cast, she clearly knows more about Showtime’s plan than Remar, so it’s possible Showtime is keeping the original cast’s involvement a secret.

While the limited series has the potential to fix a lot of Dexter season 8’s mistakes, there is only so much Showtime can do to salvage the ending. For example, it’s highly unlikely Jennifer Carpenter would return as Debra Morgan since she died in the final. Yet, several other characters can finally get a proper ending. Hannah McKay and Harrison Morgan were left in Argentina, and Angel Batista’s story felt incomplete given his lack of screen time compared to past seasons. Dexter’s arc will hopefully be restored, and Chung’s statement indicates the other original characters could get the same treatment.

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