DC’s Naomi Show Announces Cast For Ava DuVernay CW Adaptation

Walfall’s Naomi is being described as an alpha teenage girl who is adored by her adoptive parents. A brilliant student and comic-book nerd, Naomi discovers her superpowers and sets out to pursue her hidden destiny after a strange event rocks her hometown. Wraith’s character, Dee, meanwhile, is the owner of a local tattoo parlor. He knows a lot about the supernatural occurrence in Naomi’s hometown, but he prefers to keep that information to himself. Johnson’s Zumbado, on the other hand, is a shady owner of a second-hand car lot. Naomi is generally wary of Zumbado because of his past. But after a tense encounter, their destinies become intertwined. Finally, Moreno plays Lourdes, a sarcastic character who works in a vintage collectibles shop. Sharing in her love for comics, Lourdes has a major crush on Naomi, and she often also partners with Naomi in her risky plans.

Clearly, DuVenray and Blakenship have roped in a talented, diverse set of young actors to lead their CW drama pilot. Johnson and Wraith’s credits include supernatural fare, which means they are familiar with the genre and can hence be trusted to deliver convincing performances in Naomi. Walfall’s already a fan favorite because of her stint in Army Wives. She also possesses substantial theatre experience, and her skill set is, therefore, a fitting match for her role in the show. Additionally, since Moreno is a debutante, her pairing with Walfall will feel quite fresh, thus, inciting the attention and adoration of YA enthusiasts. Overall, the casting for Naomi seems to check all the boxes. Now what remains to be seen is how these characters will look on the screen and how they will bring this story to life.

Source: Deadline

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