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The title of the tenth season of American Horror Story has finally been revealed. The anthology series premiered on FX in September 2011 with a different horror story every season exploring a haunted location or a specific time period. While each season features new characters, many actors have starred in multiple seasons of the show. This season will bring back familiar faces, such as Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock, and Kathy Bates, as well as some new faces like Macaulay Culkin.

The tenth season has already been delayed for a year due to the pandemic, which has kept fans in agony and anticipation for what it will be about. The creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, for his part, has been dropping little hints every now and then, most recently in the form of the season’s poster art featuring a coastal scenery. What also has kept this delayed season in discussion for so long is that it has been reported that the tenth season will be different from past seasons of the show, which is something that has intrigued fans. Now it looks like fans will have a clearer picture on what the season will feature.

Murphy took to social media to announce the title of the show’s tenth season, which is, American Horror Story: Double Feature. He confirmed the news, releasing a teaser with the text, ‘Two horrifying stories….one season. One by the sea…one by the sand’. Murphy’s post and the full teaser can be viewed below:

In the previous seasons, the show has focused on a singular narrative revolving around the theme so this is surely a different concept as far with its storytelling. The sneak peek also confirms many of the fans’ theories that the season will have a nautical and coastal theme. Given that this particular season has had more of a budget to work with than before, it is clear that the show is taking some new steps and working to make this milestone season unique and one of a kind.

While the title won’t likely subdue any predictions or speculations, viewers now have an idea of where the season is set, and it will not be long before a trailer is released. Based on what has been presented, it is evident that the show will be coming back in a new, special way. While very little is known about the upcoming season of American Horror Storyfans have much to look forward to with the franchise and time will tell what this season will have in store.

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