Dancing on Ice catastrophes – family tragedy, Covid and freak injury with sock

Dancing on Ice has been plagued by tragedy, misfortune and accidents this year.

The greatest show on ice has melted amid a crisis of epic proportions – with the show being taken off air this weekend due to an injury crisis.

The production team and cast have valiantly struggled through during incredibly challenging times, but the decision was made to take a break for a week to allow the stars to recover.

It’s not something show bosses have taken lightly, as many celebrities have already been booted out of the competition because of the strict rules stating they can only miss two weeks on the ice.

There’s been a heartbreaking family loss, positive Covid tests and a whole host of horrifying injuries.

Here is a look at how this ‘cursed’ series unfolded.

Graham Bell ‘stabs’ partner

Yebin Mok
Graham Bell with injured pro partner Yebin Mok

A freak accident before this series of Dancing on Ice officially got under way was one of the worst in the show’s history.

Professional skater Yebin Mok was forced to pull out ahead of the launch due to a “nasty” injury in training.

Sickened host Phillip Schofield claimed her wound was so deep you could “see the tendons”.

The skater was revealed to have been “stabbed” in the leg with an ice skating blade while she trained with celebrity partner Graham Bell.

Yebin received immediate medical attention after sustaining a laceration in her leg and Graham had to skate with a new partner in her absence.

Yebin received immediate medical attention
Yebin received immediate medical attention

Addressing the sad news, Graham said: “I fell when we were training on Monday and Yebin my pro-dance partner fell onto the back of my skate. She was cut quite badly on the shin and needed an operation to clean and stitch up the wound.

“She spent Monday night in Watford hospital and was released yesterday, luckily there was no nerve or tendon damage.”

Skating legend Jayne Torvill admitted it was one of the worst injuries she had even seen.

“This was a particularly nasty one, we have all had a kick on the shin but this was a lot more than that.

“I believe she had to stay overnight in the hospital, so it wasn’t like just getting a few stitches.

“Once in a while you do get these freaky accidents, its nobody’s fault. I just hope she makes a full recovery soon.

Viewers were thrilled and amazed to see Yebin back on the ice just a few weeks later for a special pro performance.

Denise Van Outen tripe shoulder injury

Denise injured her shoulder in painful accident as fans praise her for skating
Denise injured her shoulder in painful accident as fans praise her for skating

The first celebrity casualty of the series, Denise was left in severe pain after injuring her shoulder in the first week of training.

Denise was left in agony but bravely vowed to carry on because she didn’t want to let pro partner Matt Evers down.

She had pushed through her agonising injury to perform her first routine, but was then forced to wear a sling in a bid to heal her shoulder.

When an MRI scan revealed she had three bone fractures as well as a partial dislocation, Denise was forced to quit the show under medical orders.

Unable to do any tricks, lifts or solo skating, Denise decided to “bail out gracefully with my DOI bling sling”.

Denise was replaced in the line-up by Olympic gymnast Amy Tinkler.

Denise Van Outen withdrew after suffering a nasty injury
Denise Van Outen withdrew after suffering a nasty injury

“I partially dislocated it, unfortunately after the rehearsal I spent 15 hours with my shoulder being dislocated because we didn’t really want to bother the NHS knowing that they’re so overstretched,” she revealed on Loose Women.

“It wasn’t until the pain was so unbearable that they advised that I went in to see them and then they put my shoulder back in, but then it popped out again and then I skated on it in the most excruciating pain, I cannot tell you.

“And then after that had an MRI and it was fractured in three parts, so I’ve got three fractures and a dislocation.”

Things haven’t improved for Denise, who fears she may have taken a step backward in her recovery after her nasty fall.

“It was quite a bad fall. I’m not too bad to be honest,” she told Gethin Jones on Morning Live this week.

“I have to say, I’ve been trying to move my arm more because the physio advised me too.

“I’m a bit concerned now that I’m getting frozen shoulder because I’ve got very limited movement, I feel like I’ve taken a bit of a step back.”

Rufus Hound tests positive

Rufus Hound tested positive for Covid-19
Rufus Hound tested positive for Covid-19

The comedian was forced to withdraw from Dancing on Ice after two Covid-19 incidents.

He was forced to miss the third week of the contest after coming into contact with someone with coronavirus.

Rufus was forced to isolate but was gearing up to return to the ice, until he received a positive Covid test result.

Confirming the news on Twitter, Rufus wrote: “I will no longer be participating in @dancingonice COVID is – as I’m sure we’re all well aware – a b*****d and sadly the world isn’t short of those.”

The DOI star also shared a video explaining the reason why he was forced to leave.

“Unfortunately, having come into contact with somebody with Covid and then isolating, it transpired then that I had Covid so I have dealt with that and have quarantined,” said Rufus.

Rufus had to pull out of the contest
Rufus had to pull out of the contest

“Unfortunately, the rules on Dancing On Ice are completely cut-and-dry, they’re very strict because they need to keep everyone on that production line as safe as possible.

“So it seemed that when I was just quarantining that there may have been a window of opportunity for me to be able to get back to the show, a window that I now know doesn’t exist. That’s it. That’s the reason I’m on Dancing On Ice. The health and safety team have said that that is something they cannot allow.

“And that sucks. That sucks because I got the chance to spend a big chunk of the last six months with Robin Johnston, who has been a tremendous pal throughout this, a brilliant ice dance teacher and human sunshine.

“In her I found somebody that had all sorts of mad ideas about things we could do. It’s one of the many things that sucks. We could have dressed as battle dwarfs from Dungeons and Dragons and instead of doing ice dancing we could have done ice fighting with big hammers – that was going to be one of the things.”

Rufus was replaced by comedian Matt Richardson, who was knocked out during his first week.

Billie Faiers tragedy and injury

Billie also had to pull out of the competition
Billie also had to pull out of the competition

It’s been an incredibly tough few weeks for poor Billie.

The Mummy Diaries star was left devastated when her beloved Nanny Wendy passed away suddenly.

Billie was incredibly close to her grandmother, who died at the age of 77 after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Understandably, the reality TV star took time away from the ice to grieve for Nanny Wendy and missed out on a live show.

The Dancing on Ice team announced Billie would be taking a break from the show as they sent their love.

“Sadly due to a family bereavement this week Billie Shepherd is taking a break from the ice and won’t be on Sunday’s show,” a spokesperson for the show said.

“We look forward to her returning next week and send her all of our love at this sad time.”

Despite being away from the rink, Billie sent her co-stars a sweet message of support wishing them luck.

Billie returned to training the following week but was forced to pull out of the show after suffering concussion.

The reality TV star had an MRI scan after banging her head on the ice
The reality TV star had an MRI scan after banging her head on the ice

She slipped on the ice, smashed her head and was taken to hospital for an MRI scan to check for serious injuries.

Having been hurt by the impact of her fall, medics advised the former TOWIE star to pull out of the rest of the competition.

ITV confirmed the news to the Mirror in a statement, saying: “Taking the expert advice of the Dancing On Ice medical team, she sadly cannot perform this weekend and will therefore now withdraw from the competition. We wish Billie well as she now takes the time to rest and recover.”

Billie admitted she was gutted to be leaving the competition as she thanked fans for their messages of supprot.

“I am so so sad that our @dancingonice journey has come to an end after an accident in rehearsals on Friday causing me a head injury, forcing us out of the competition,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It’s been a tough couple of weeks personally for me and coming back to skating this week has really been a great distraction I am so so gutted we can’t perform tonight, we worked so so hard on this week’s routine.

“However, although it has sadly been cut short , being part of @dancingonice has been the best experience, I have met some wonderful people and I actually feel quite proud of myself that I pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone and faced some of my biggest fears.”

Joe-Warren Plant Covid

Dancing On Ice's Joe Warren-Plant and Vanessa Bauer
Joe Warren-Plant and Vanessa Bauer quit the show after testing positive for coronavirus

The youngest star in Dancing on Ice’s history had to pull out of the show because of a positive Covid test.

Emmerdale star Joe-Warren Plant and his pro partner Vanessa Bauer had to leave the competition, but were not replaced as the only two reserve couples had already been used.

Gutted Joe-Warren shared his disappointment at having to bow out of the competition after working so hard.

“Having tested positive for Covid this now means the end of the competition for Vanessa and I,” said Joe in a statement.

“I have loved every minute of being a part of Dancing On Ice and I am disappointed as I feel I had so much more to give and was working hard to perfect each performance.

“Thank you so much to Vanessa for being a fantastic teacher and although its been cut short, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

“Thank you to all the crew who have been brilliant and especially thanks to the other cast members, they have been hugely supportive and I wish them all the very best.”

Vanessa and Joe-Warren are out of the competition
Vanessa and Joe-Warren are out of the competition

Vanessa was equally devastated when she announced she would no longer be performing on the ice.

However, the skater congratulated her partner for “growing every week” and hailed him as her hardest ever working partner.

“Unfortunately, we have received positive test results for Covid which means we cannot continue to compete this year,” said Vanessa.

“Joe-Warren has been growing every week into such a talented skater and I’m so sad we won’t be able to show more of the great routines we had planned.

“I am beyond proud and devastated, as we had so much more to show, he was the hardest working partner I’ve ever had.”

Jason Donovan’s back problems

Jason injured his back
Jason injured his back

The series was dealt another blow when Jason Donovan was forced to pull out of a live show due to suffering from back problems.

The former Neighbours star was advised by medics not to take part for a week so he could recover.

“I’ve had back pain the past couple of days and I’m under doctor’s orders to take it easy and sit this week out,” said Jason.

“I’m resting up, I’ll be watching from home and cheering everyone on and I look forward to returning next week.”

The competition rules allow contestants to take a break for one week so Jason will still remain part of the show going forward.

Hamish’s freak accident

Faye Brookes' partner Hamish has pulled out of the show after a freak accident
Faye Brookes’ partner Hamish has pulled out of the show after a freak accident

The weirdest exit of them all, Hamish Gaman was forced to quit the show because of a bizarre finger injury.

Faye Brookes’ professional skating partner had to withdraw from the competition after snapping a tendon in his hand while taking a sock off.

This came as a shock to viewers as Hamish had posted just hours before the official ITV statement that he had been given the all clear by a private doctor.

“Hi everyone I’m heartbroken that I’ll no longer be skating with @faye_brookes on @dancingonice,” announced Hamish.

“I’m so grateful that I don’t need any surgery on my finger, but if I stay in the show I could have an accident and make my injury much worse (it is series 13).

“Coaching Faye for 4+ months has been a privilege and I’m so proud of the incredible skater that she’s become. I remember her being scared of skating backwards and wondering if she’d ever be able to do a 3-turn or backward crossover. Faye, you’ve come so far and achieved so much.”

Hamish has said that he is 'heartbroken' to be out of Dancing On Ice
Hamish has said that he is ‘heartbroken’ to be out of Dancing On Ice

The former Coronation Street star will now be partnered up with Dancing on Ice legend Matt Evers, who was originally with Denise Van Outen before her horror injury.

Faye is glad to still be skating but gutted that she won’t be able to skate with Hamish again.

Praising her former partner Hamish, Faye wrote: “It’s not the end of my journey it’s just a change of direction…

“I had the honour of being taught how to skate by the one and only @hamishgaman and with all the skills & knowledge that he so kindly gave to me I now get to begin a whole new chapter with @themattevers. Who’s Ready?”

*Dancing on Ice will continue next Sunday on ITV at 6pm

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