Hawkeye Set Photos Give New Look at Tracksuit Draculas Mafia Members

Recent set photos from Disney+’s upcoming Hawkeye TV series offer a new look at the show’s tracksuit-clad villainous team. Serving as a showcase for Marvel’s often-marginalized bow-and-arrow wielding Avenger, Hawkeye is an upcoming limited series that finds Jeremy Renner reprising his role as the titular sharpshooter, Clint Barton. Marvel Studios had confirmed that the show was in development for Phase 4 in 2019. But Hawkeye only commenced production in December 2020 when Dickinson actress Hailee Steinfield joined the cast as Kate Bishop. Besides Clint and Kate, Hawkeye will feature several characters from the original comics, including  Maya Lopez/Echo, Jack Duquesne/Swordsman, and the nefarious Russian mafia, the Tracksuit Draculas.

Developed by Matt Fraction and David Aja, the Tracksuit Mafia – otherwise referred to as the “Tracksuit Draculas” by Clint – debuted in 2012’s Hawkeye #1. The gang, which operates in New York City, is commanded by the domineering Ivan Banionis, who owns the building that Clint lives in. Initially, the Tracksuit Draculas do not pose a major threat to Clint. But after the expert marksman intercepts their plans to convert the building into a shopping mall, both parties clash numerous times. The Tracksuit Draculas even order a hit on Clint by hiring an assassin called The Clown, who arranges for Ivan’s return after deportation. Finally, Clint meets with the mafia in a decisive battle when they try to raid the building that Clint had forcefully bought from Ivan. Fortunately, the assault doesn’t work, as Clint and Kate work together to take down Ivan and the Clown.

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On Saturday, film and TV insider XRealm Matthews posted some brand new set photos from Disney+’s Hawkeye‘s filming location. The images present a clear look at the Tracksuit Dracula mobsters as they stand inside their ‘Trust A Bro Moving Company’ truck to shoot a scene. The mafia boss Ivan Banionis is notably missing from the pictures, although his appearance in the Hawkeye was teased in previous set photos. Interestingly, in the comics, the Tracksuit Draculas were mostly men. But as the set photos suggest, Hawkeye has apparently taken to diversify the mafia as a female gangster is standing inside the truck as well.

Given their silly designation, it’s likely that the Tracksuit Draculas will provide comic relief in Hawkeye while also serving as formidable opponents to the eponymous superhero. Their moving services and trucks presumably serve as a decoy for whatever shady business the Draculas are running. This means that Lucky aka Pizza Dog will be tied in with their fraudulent profession. So it’s probably going to be during one of the Draculas’ ‘moving job’ that Lucky’s arc will play out, with the notorious gang abusing the dog and Clint jumping to its rescue. The set photos do not suffice in telling the full story. Nevertheless, they do depict Hawkeye‘s commitment to adapting the comics faithfully.

Although Hawkeye is making its best attempts to accurately represent the Tracksuit Draculas by paying great attention to their costumes and characterizations, it doesn’t mean that the show won’t make any changes to their storyline. As previously confirmed, Clint is a complete family man in the new series. This rules out the possibility of him sleeping with Ivan’s wife, Cherry, which was an important arc in the comics. Secondly, the comics emphasized the Tracksuit Draculas’ Russian origins. But as observed in the set photos, the live-action version of the gang will include Asian as well as white members. However, aside from these minor changes, Hawkeye seems to be staying true to the comics’ version of the Tracksuit Draculas. Hopefully, we’ll find out more about their role in the story once teasers and trailers begin to roll out.

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Source: XRealm Matthews/Twitter

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