Dame Joan Collins candidly discusses her decision to have an abortion in her 20s

Dame Joan Collins has candidly discussed her past decision to have an abortion when she was building her career.

The 88-year-old actress was aged 26 when she made the decision to abort her baby – with the procedure being carried out at a time when abortions were illegal in the UK.

Dame Joan discussed her choice to delay becoming a parent in a new episode of Pier’s Morgan’s Life Stories which is set to air on ITV on Sunday night.

She explained her reasons for going through with the procedure – which was made at a time when she was engaged to American actor Warren Beatty, who was the father.

Shocked, the show host said: “You don’t know how to use a hoover?” – with Joan joking: “No, our hoover it’s like being in the front of a 747.”

She added: “I do do the washing up. I put them under the tap and I’ve got a little brush and I brush them and then I put them in the thing that makes them dry.

“No we don’t have hot and cold running staff you know. It’s just Percy and me.”

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