Corrie spoilers for next week – wedding fears, DNA test and death threat exit

A wedding should usually be a happy affair, but a dark cloud hangs over Peter and Carla as they gear up for their big day.

Next week on Coronation Street, Peter’s health takes a worrying turn ahead of their vows – will they get the chance to say ‘I do’?

Elsewhere, a family continues to be ripped apart as even more secrets emerge from the shadows.

And two star-crossed (er – well, kind of) lovers hide their true feelings for one another as the Weatherfield residents stand firmly in the other hurt party’s corner.

Here’s what you can look forward to on Corrie next week…

Exit for Cathy?

Cathy Matthews will leave the cobbles after the abuse she receives for her online comment proves to be too much.

The newsagent owner, played by Melanie Hill, finally admitted this week that it was her, rather than partner Brian, who left the nasty comment after Tracy refused to let her help with Steve’s fundraising.

But next week, she will feel the full wrath of the Weatherfield residents as she receives a death threat in the post.

On Monday, Cathy, Brian and Bernie celebrate her birthday at Speed Daal, but when they return Cathy receives a call from Dev telling her that it would be better if she stayed away from the kebab shop until the anger died down.

Cathy finds a box on the doorstep of the Kabin
Cathy finds a box on the doorstep of the Kabin

But she is even more upset when she discovers a parcel on the Kabin’s doorstep containing a funeral wreath.

Cathy goes on to confront Tracy about the wreath, but she denies any knowledge about it and throws in some more insults for good measure.

Her phone pings again and is left heartbroken when she receives another horrible message – which happens to be from the sender of the wreath.

She's horrified when she discovers a funeral wreath inside
She’s horrified when she discovers a funeral wreath inside

Brian watches on, increasingly worried, and goes on to report the online abuse to Craig.

However, Craig apologises as he admits that there isn’t anything that the police can do.

Meanwhile, Gemma is horrified after finding a deepfake video of Cathy online, showing it to Bernie before heading to the toilet.

Cathy later tells Brian that it would be best if she moved away, but he begs her not to leave.

Yet, Cathy is nowhere to be seen later and Brian intends to report her missing to the police, but Elaine decides to tell him the truth…

Peter’s health takes a turn for the worse ahead of wedding

Tracey Barlow erupts in fury at Carla Connor at Peter Barlow’s liver transplant meeting ahead of Peter and Carla’s wedding.

And as Peter and Carla prepare to walk down the aisle – Peter becomes terrifyingly poorly.

Earlier in the week, a nervous Peter reveals he has got an appointment at the transplant centre to assess if he is a suitable candidate for a liver transplant.

Daniel rallies the family for a zoom meeting to discuss Peter’s situation, and Tracy shares Daniel’s suspicions about Carla with Steve.

Peter's health takes a turn for the worse
Peter’s health takes a turn for the worse

Peter, Daniel and Carla attend a meeting with the transplant coordinator whilst Steve, Tracy and Adam join via zoom, but the meeting descends into chaos when Tracy digs about Carla’s infidelity.

Daniel also voices his suspicions about Carla and how he reckons she’s having an affair with Lucas.

When Peter reveals their plans for a small hotel wedding without any family, Tracy is left hurt, and Carla soon bites the bullet and tells Tracy that she’s not invited to their wedding.

Carla prepares to say her vows to Peter
Carla prepares to say her vows to Peter

Noting how unwell Peter is, Daniel suggests he postpone the wedding, but Peter will not hear of it.

Daniel recalls losing Sinead so soon after their wedding and stresses how important it is to cherish your loved ones.

As the big day arrives, Peter orders Daniel to put on a suit as he is coming to the wedding as best man.

Will Carla and Peter finally wed?
Will Carla and Peter finally wed?

A radiant Carla appears in the cafe in her wedding dress and asks Roy Cropper if he would do her the honour of giving her away.

As they head to the car, Peter stumbles, and Daniel asserts they should take him to hospital rather than his wedding, but Peter refuses and orders Daniel to drive him to his wedding.

Peter finally arrives at the hotel with Daniel in tow, and Peter and Carla read out their own vows but it is clear Peter is struggling and Carla urges the registrar to speed up proceedings.

Will they manage to become man and wife at last?

Corrie’s Tyrone insists he loves Alina as he’s forced into couple’s counselling

Tyrone Dobbs moves back in with Fiz Stape after their acrimonious split.

The pair try relationship counselling in a bid to try to make things work for the sake of their children – but Tyrone reveals to Alina he is still in love with her.

Kevin Webster does his best to cheer up Tyrone over a pint, but Maria tears a strip off Tyrone for his treatment of Fiz, while Kevin leaps to his mate’s defence and is quick to point out that she’s hardly a saint herself.

At No.9, a tearful Hope asks Fiz why Daddy has left them, and Abi puts pressure on Kevin to talk to Tyrone, as it’s time he moved out.

Tyrone is not happy after going to counselling with Fiz
Tyrone is not happy after going to counselling with Fiz

Tyrone approaches Alina and asks her if she still has any feelings for him, and Alina suggests he calls at her flat later.

Tyrone calls at No.9 and tells Fiz that the last thing he wants to do is cause the girls any upset, so Fiz suggests he moves back in.

Fiz assures Tyrone she’s not looking for a romantic reunion, but to give the girls some stability.

Tyrone tells Alina that he is moving back in with Fiz on a temporary basis for the sake of the kids, but declares it is her that he loves.

Tyrone moves back into No.9, but he cannot help wondering if he has made a terrible mistake.

When Fiz reveals that she has booked a relationship counselling session for them with Toyah Battersby, Tyrone’s heart sinks.

In the bistro, Toyah does her best to conduct Fiz and Tyrone’s counselling session, and afterwards, at home, Tyrone slips upstairs to take a call from Alina.

Michael terrified dad Ed is gambling again as he takes DNA test

Michael Bailey is terrified his dad Ed is gambling again in upcoming scenes, as he takes a DNA test to find out who really is his biological father.

Ed’s brother Ronnie recently arrived on the cobbles, with the shock revelation that he could be Michael’s father, as he had a romance with Michael’s mum Aggie before Ed met her.

But as Michael welcomed his baby girl, Glory, with girlfriend Grace Vickers, the truth came out as the newborn had health issues that Ronnie was concerned he’d passed down.

Michael explains to James he went ahead with the DNA test and he’s expecting the results, and as he stares anxiously at the envelope. James offers to open it for him.

Michael fears that his dad Ed is gambling again
Michael fears that his dad Ed is gambling again

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Michael tells Ed that he did a DNA test, and Ed is hurt that he and Ronnie went behind his back.

Ed tells Michael that he spent the night at the builder’s yard catching up on paperwork, but when Seb lets slip that he spent the night playing cards with Ed and Paul, Michael’s perturbed to realise Ed lied to him and he is clearly gambling again.

Michael confronts Ed over his gambling, and Ed admits he simply did not want to come home as he finds it too painful to be in the same house as Michael at the moment.

Having found out from Aggie that Ed has taken £1k out of their bank account, Michael and James head out to search the bookies and casinos for their Dad…

*Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV

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