Corrie spoilers: Daisy’s tragic past unveiled after medical crisis for Daniel’s baby Bertie

Daisy Midgeley opens up about her past on next week’s Coronation Street episodes.

Fans of the ITV soap have already seen Daisy successfully split up happy couple Ryan Connor and Alya Nazir, with Daisy and Ryan now dating in the aftermath.

However, as Daisy finds herself turning her attention to teacher Daniel Osborne next week she finds herself opening up about her past.

Having already been embarrassed by Ryan in her attempts to look passionate about romantic poetry to Daniel, Daisy finds a genuine attempt to help the teacher go awry.

After Daniel leaves little son Bertie in the care of his nephew Adam Barlow and his wife Sarah Platt, Adam changes the battery on a toy for him.

Adam Barlow and Sarah Barlow look after Bertie for Daniel in next week’s Coronation Street

However, after the old battery goes missing in Bertie’s presence, Daniel fears that Bertie has swallowed it.

Rushing to take Bertie to the hospital just in case, a horrified Daisy spots the commotion and offers to help deliver first aid to the tot.

A panicking Daniel grows irritated, however, and orders her to get out of the way.

Later, Daniel is relieved as Bertie is okay and talks to Rovers Return landlady and Daisy’s step-mother, Jenny Connor.

A potential crisis emerges with baby Bertie that sees Daisy offer to help – but get rejected by Daniel

Discussing Daisy, Jenny reveals that she was badly affected by the death of Jenny’s son Tom years ago, leaving Daniel feeling guilty for how he handled their earlier encounter.

Daniel approaches Daisy to apologise for how he reacted when she had offered first aid to Bertie.

The feisty barmaid then reveals the reason she knows first aid is because she took a course in it after the traumatic death of her brother Tom who drowned in a paddling pool.

Daisy Midgeley soon opens up to Daniel about her sad past with brother Tom

Will this bring Daisy and Daniel closer together?

Later, Ryan tries to make amends with Daisy after he unintentionally embarrassed her by exposing her search for Lord Byron quotes before she had discussed poetry with Daniel.

However, has Daisy already firmly moved on from Ryan to Daniel?

*Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV and ITV Hub, with previous episodes available on ITV Hub.

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