Charlotte Crosby’s swipe at Vicky Pattison suggesting ‘nobody cares’ about her

Charlotte Crosby has taken a shot at former Geordie Shore co-star Vicky Pattison while discussing the likelihood of the original stars of the MTV series join gin together for a special reunion.

The 31-year-old reality star took a swipe at 33-year-old Vicky during a podcast with fellow cast mates Scotty T and James Tinsdale as they looked back at their careers in the show.

Charlotte, Vicky, 30-year-old James, Gaz Beadle, Greg Lake, Holly Hagan, Jay Gardner and Sophie Kasaei were the original cast members of the show when it launched 10 years ago – with 33-year-old Scotty not joining until season four in 2012.

As Charlotte, Scotty and James took a walk down memory lane, they began to ponder gathering together for another reunion show – with the expectation Vicky would decline an invitation.

Charlotte Crosby took a swipe at Vicky Pattison while discussing Geordie Shore reunions

Speaking on her Values and Vibrators podcast, Charlotte said: “It does make us wish more than ever that we could have a reunion show. Imagine. It would be fun.”

Scotty confirmed it has been five years since the core cast were reunited in one room – for the 2016 reunion special, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle.

Charlotte went on to suggest Vicky “thinks they’re higher than Geordie Shore” before making a dig at her former co-star.

She huffed: Vicky would never do it again… I don’t think we really care about that.

“But like Gary [Gaz Beadle] wouldn’t do it and that’s a shame.”

Vicky has moved on from her Geordie Shore days

Asked by James if she would want to include cast from across all 21 seasons of Geordie Shore, Charlotte replied: “I feel bad for saying this because obviously there are a whole load of people I don’t know, like Beau and Bethan.

“To be honest I wouldn’t mind being in there with Bethan. But my core people are you, Scott, James, Aaron, Gary, I can take or leave Kyle, Holly, Ricky, Jay, like all of them people getting back together.”

Charlotte continued and made it clear there was no real beef between her and Vicky.

She said: “We’ve all changed so much, that is my core group of people. I wouldn’t even mind if Vicky came back but I know she never ever would.”

The original cast of Geordie Shore included Gaz Beadle, Greg Lake, Holly Hagan, James Tindale, Jay Gardner and Sophie Kasaei as well as Vicky and Charlotte

Scotty asked: “Why though? I wonder why some people protest about going back?”

Charlotte suggested: “I think they move on and they think they’re higher than Geordie Shore now.”

And Scotty added: “It’s not about being higher, it’s realising what made you because Geordie Shore was everyone’s base.”

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